Lemongrass Asian Cooking Class Teens and Adults Classes

The first teen cooking class was so much fun! I hope they learned a lot and love the dish! We made Roasted Chili & Cashew Nut Noodle.
They dished the noodle themselves in a noodle box to take home and a kit to practice at home consisting of the sauces and dried noodle. Some couldn’t resist to eat the noodle straight away… haha.. so if parents would like to taste it, they must make it tonight😊
I taught them how to use chopsticks too😊

They had some krupuk and noodle on krupuk for snack and homemade iced tea and water.

The looks at their faces showed it all!
Cooking should be fun, educational and exploring new tastebuds!
We had couple of fussy eaters at the class today, proud moment was when they said “hhmmmm this is nice!” When they tried the Roasted Chili & Cashew Nut Noodle in the class. I can’t help but beaming 😊
They learn to work in a team as well personal responsibility.
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Jiah Restaurant

I’ve been wanting to try out Jiah Restaurant since their opening over a year ago. Thought will give them a chance to “settle” themselves as a new restaurant.  So we went last February on a Friday night to check it out. Here’s our experience of dining there 🙂

Decoration & Ambience

First of all was impressed with the trendy exterior decor of the restaurant. The location is in a trendy part of city as well. I’ve just felt I was transformed to somewhere exotic when walking in the terrace, it must be the effect of the grey wall with a little carving feature by the entrance. The ambience was quite cosy but romantic with the dim lighting in the first floor.  There are street parking opposite Fire and Ice Hotel, the main entrance of the Restaurant is on the other side of the road though (a very short walking distance). Continue reading Jiah Restaurant

South East Asian Common Herb, Spices and Ingredients

What makes South East Asian cuisine aromatic, light  and refreshing yet satisfying?  The herbs, spices and ingredients. Most of South East Asian cuisines balance 5 taste buds well. The balancing of the five senses plus the spiciness are the secret behind the deliciousness of the food. Although sometimes three or four tastes are more dominant in some dishes.  No wonder, upon trying South East Asian food people often describe it as tasty!

The five tastes buds (plus spicy) in South East Asian food represents by ie: Continue reading South East Asian Common Herb, Spices and Ingredients

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