Midweek’s Quote

Hi and Assalamualaikum all 🙂

Today I’d like to share some pics when hub and I were exploring the new Silo District in Waterfront.

Oh, how do you like my off shoulder top? I’ve always wanted to wear something trendy. So I’ve found this off shoulder top with longer length, so perfect for me! I

Also I’ve found this beautiful quote that I can’t resist to share 🙂 Continue reading Midweek’s Quote

Nasi Padang Class and Pics from Last Class

Hi and assalamualaikum all,

As requested, the Nasi Padang class with chicken Rendang will be on Sat, 3 March at 2pm in Newlands. Everyone welcome, new attendees welcome to halaalife Asian cooking class family 🙂 See poster for details of the menu 🙂 Book/inquiry: info@halaalife.com
Your payment secure the booking. Limited spots, booking is opened now.

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Boerie Express

In our excursion to Readers Warehouse and to Builders Warehouse in Tokai, we’ve found this new clean brightly orange kiosk Boerie Express. Thought I would just check it out if they are halaal.. yeay yippie, they are even halaal certified.  So, here my Sunday mid-morning snack was sorted as the boys would be hungry when they finished the kickboxing lessons! Continue reading Boerie Express

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