Mango Lassu R18.90) and Lamb Sheekh Kebab

So I’m glad that I came across this fully halaal eateries in N1 City, one of few fully halaal eateries in Northern Suburb, Tikkaways.

This casual eatery is perfect if you’d like to grab something quickly as Tikkaways offered “On The Go” menu of which all curries are ready to dish. As well as “Made on Request” curries.

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Why Should You Sponsor a Child?

Guest Post by: Martin West, for: islamichelp.org.uk

Generosity and compassion are honourable traits that we should all endeavour towards in life. Our faith can help us to become better people and encourage us to treat others well, especially when it comes to supporting those in need through charity. Kind and generous donations offer a beacon of light in the darkness for vulnerable people, inspiring both hope and a deep-rooted sense of gratitude in the spirits of these people. Continue reading Why Should You Sponsor a Child?

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