Sambal Oelek (Chili Paste)

IMG_0636Many of Indonesian dishes require chili paste as the base of the spices. Chili paste or what we called, sambal also used as a condiment in almost every meal. Although you can buy the ready-made Sambal Oelek (chili paste) in a jar in most of shops, I make my own as it taste more original.  I will make it in bulk, and simply divide it in different container and store some in the freezer. Continue reading Sambal Oelek (Chili Paste)

Juice Recipes 1 & 2

This is my juicer at home.

This is one of my best finding in my kitchen in order to live more healthy lifestyle: Fresh Juice!  My boys are very picky when it comes to vegetables. Alhamdulillah they like fruits though. I used to give them supplements and vitamins to enhance their immune system. But then I have found much better solution to these little guys lack of veggies intake: juice! Work much better to enhance their immunity than vitamins tablets! Continue reading Juice Recipes 1 & 2

TeAwesome Tea and Juice Bar

Pearl Tea, Grapefruit Rooibos Tea, Taro Smoothies and Matcha Wachew.

Ahh… another Asian eateries opened in Claremont right opposite Cavendish Square.  It’s called TeAwesome Tea and Juice Bar.

TeAwesome is no longer in Cavendish Square. We will inform you when they are settled in a new location. TeAwesome, however, can still be found in markets.

Continue reading TeAwesome Tea and Juice Bar

Modest Tropical Sarong OOTD

IMG_0551Last Saturday I was in Thailand for a day, well, it felt like it 🙂 I was transported from Gordon’s Bay to Thailand,  in a beautiful spa garden, Mukda Thai Spa. This outfit helped me to feel more in Asia. Perfect for modest summer wear.  I mixed the trendy monochrome tropical sarong with a cool white top. Continue reading Modest Tropical Sarong OOTD