Yummy Treats and Coffee Bar


If you need a coffee fix while you drive pass Athlone CBD area, Yummy Treat and Coffee bar is the place to get it. Correct me if I am wrong, but there is no other coffee shops around this area. Take this from a coffee addict (ehm..me..): the cappuccino was nice!  With your coffee or tea come a package of complimentary biscuit! Continue reading Yummy Treats and Coffee Bar

Banana Chocolate Spring Roll


Pisang Coklat or Banana Chocolate Spring Roll is a popular dessert at Asian restaurants in South Africa.  You can make it at home very easily and quickly in a fraction of a restaurant price.

It’s a firm favorite for my kiddies and their friends as well. Originally in Asia we just eat it as is. However an ice cream on the side is the popular way restaurants serve it in South Africa.

I have made a short video how to make it. Please view it at halaalifect Instagram or halaalife.com FB page. Continue reading Banana Chocolate Spring Roll