Halaal Fast-Food & Take-Away in Cape Town

Here’s the list of recommended strictly halaal fast-food/food-court/take-away that I’ve compiled them in non-alphabetical and non-preferable orders.

This list will be updated regularly (the newest posting  will be on the top list), In sha Allah. The eateries that have got full reviews are clickable in green. Please click: Halaal Restaurants list for dine in category list.

TOKAI                  021 20 08318

Tokai Centre, Cnr Main Rd & Tokai Rd, Tokai

N1 City                 021 20 08320

N1 Value Centre, Solly Schmeidt Rd, Goodwood

Van Gate Mall   021 20 08324

Vangate Mall Food Court, Jakes Gerwel Drive, Athlone

Mon-Thurs  : 10.00 – 22.30

Fri-Sat            : 10.00-23.00

Sunday           : 10.00-22.00 Continue reading Halaal Fast-Food & Take-Away in Cape Town

Moroccan Inspired Lamb Shanks


I’ve never been to Morocco, so have not experienced the authentic Morocan lamb shanks yet. This recipe came from different recipe and resources and I recreate it to my style.  It’s easy to make, basically the effort is like making your Sunday roast.  Love the tenderness of the lamb combined with the veggies and chickpeas. Continue reading Moroccan Inspired Lamb Shanks

A’salam Restaurant


A‘salam Restaurant  an Arabic, Palestinian restaurant  recently opened its business last year in Claremont, Main Road.

A’salam is closed down. No further information whether it has moved or closed for good.

A’salam Restaurant serves breakfast from 9am-11am. Lunch and supper served from midday to 11 pm. Shisha, coffee, juices and shakes are served as well. Continue reading A’salam Restaurant

Finding on Kikkoman & Yamasa (Jpn) Soy Sauces Contain Alcohol


If you’ve read my last year posting regarding Kikkoman and Yamasa Japanese Soy Sauces Contain Alcohol. Please read our further finding on Kikkoman.

  • As stated in Kikkoman website (quoted on the initial posting below) that Kikkoman Soy Sauces contain greater than 2% alcohol by volume.
  • Our finding by going to various shops that sells Kikkoman in Cape Town (pics above):

Kikkoman Less Salt Soy Sauce contains 6,5% alcohol v/v.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce (‘normal’ one) contains 3,2 % alcohol v/v

  • What Kikkoman official website means by greater than 2 % can be as high as 6,5% v/v (volume by volume).
  • As comparison, beer generally contains 5% of alcohol, while some beer can be as lower as 2-3% and as high as 7% (rarely).
  • So the alcohol contains in Kikkoman is more or less the same as beer.

Continue reading Finding on Kikkoman & Yamasa (Jpn) Soy Sauces Contain Alcohol