Chocolate Mug Cake

Mug cake

What do you do when you crave for a warm moist chocolate cake in the middle of the night? make it! yup… make a minute chocolate mug cake in the microwave. I’ve tried other mug cake recipes but wasn’t happy as all of them were spongy. I came across tablefortwoblog and never look back.  It’s moist, quick and just like a real cake – even better because it saves so much time.   Plus if you are running out of eggs, you still can make the cake. As it’s an eggless recipe. Continue reading Chocolate Mug Cake

Timbuktu Coffee

Reading my published article on Modest Muse (available at Timbuktu Book) while enjoying the Sandwich, Sweet Potato Fries and Creme Brule Latte.

Situated in Sybrand Park, at an unassuming building, you will be surprised by the interior of Timbuktu Coffee Shop. It’s airy, clean, rustic-industrial style, I felt at home straight away. I like the idea of the “trendy” Islamic book store, Timbuktu Book shop having equally trendy coffee shop, that’s just a great synergy! Continue reading Timbuktu Coffee

PRIMI Xpress Rosmead

Primidrinksn pasta6
Shirley Temple Mocktail (R33) and Halloumi Lettuce Wrap (R65) and Rosemary and Salt Focacchia with Recco Sauce dip (R33+R15)

When Primi Xpress Rosmead opened a few years ago, I got excited. Finally I could try Primi chain as it is fully halaal! What’s better is, the location is in Southern Suburb, close to where all my activities are. Primi Xpress is a fast food and take-out concept of Primi World, with the same wholesomeness and freshness.

Selfie (to distract the “roasting” 😉 with Shivaan Mathews (the owner), Dalin Oliver and Yaseen Barnes.

Continue reading PRIMI Xpress Rosmead

Happy 71st Independence Day, Indonesia


Slms and hi all,

Today, Indonesia celebrates Independence Day. I don’t always go when I got invited by Indonesian Consulate General for their functions. However I made the point to at least come for the Independence Day Flag Raising Ceremony and/ or the gala reception and for the Eid celebration. Continue reading Happy 71st Independence Day, Indonesia

1 Year Blogiversary

1yr cake

Blogiversary: the yearly anniversary of someones web-log (blog)

(source: Urban Dictionary)

Salaam and hi all…

Today, the 15th August 2016 marks a year of me blogging. Alhamdulillah… I can’t believe how time flies… Life has surely been in a very fast lane since I became a blogger.  But I’m glad gone was the late night when I started the blog.  Continue reading 1 Year Blogiversary

Ba-mee Phad (Fried Noodle)


Saturday night is a movie night at our home. Tonight we had a home-made ba-mee phad, that’s Thai for fried noodle. This time my fried noodle is inspired by Simply Asia 505 which contain of Indonesian sweet soy sauce. Therefore it’s actually Indonesian version of fried noodle, or in Indonesian, Bakmi Goreng. Continue reading Ba-mee Phad (Fried Noodle)