Count Your Blessings


Assalamualaikum and hi all…

I hope everyone’s easing off to the holiday mood that we all deserve after a full busy year…

I must say Alhamdullilah for everything… Last weeks I encountered a bit of trouble with my health and other petty issues when hubby was on  business trip overseas. But Alhamdulillah it’s all sorted. It’s so nice to have him back with us… I must say I won’t count my troubles rather count my blessings… Alhamdulillah… Continue reading Count Your Blessings

One on One Asian Cooking Class Experience



Assalamualaikum and hi all,

If you are:

  • longing for authentic Asian cuisines just like the dish you’ve tried on your holiday in  the east; or
  • you are just an adventurous eater… or
  • your hubby wanna try new exciting dish to be incorporated in your weekly family meal?

Come and join me in my kitchen for one on one Asian cooking lesson. The class duration will be around 1 1/2 hr – 2 hour. You will take home what you cook. I will give some tips and also where to buy ingredients. This class will be available throughout the seasons. Weekday, at 10 am. Please email me to arrange the date and booking. Continue reading One on One Asian Cooking Class Experience

Tortilla Modern Mexican


For those who work in CBD area, I would recommend you to try Tortilla Modern Mexican.  I tried it out today, the food was nice, wholesome, yet it serves right away.

What you have to do is to build up your own meal, as per your liking.  First, you need to choose your carb, either a Burrito (tortilla wrap) or  in a bowl filled with either rice or mixed green. Continue reading Tortilla Modern Mexican

I Love Coffee Shop


Having passed the I Love Coffee shop banner for quite few times, I ‘m glad I finally made a turn here. When I made a little research before I came to the coffee shop, I found some interesting facts about this coffee shop.

I Love Coffee is the first entirely deaf and hard hearing coffee shop in South Africa.  Gary Hopkins, the founder mentioned that I Love Coffee is a coffee shop that breaks down barriers between the hearing and the deaf.  It’s more than space, it’s about mind shift. Helping the deaf achieve their dreams. Continue reading I Love Coffee Shop

Life is Colorful….


Assalamualikum and hi everyone…

Just wanna share picture of me one day when I took my 5 y/o girl to a park.  So she is in the phase of refusing to be taken pics in public places. Instead she loves taking pics of me… 🙂 It was kind of embarrassing when in the park parents took pics of their kids while my girl insisted to be my photographer…  She took all these pics by the way and some of other pics on the blog 🙂 Continue reading Life is Colorful….

Learn To Cook Authentic Asian Cuisines


Slms and hello everyone,

In addition of Ladies Cooking Class Party, I am now offering a one on one cooking class as some ladies have requested.

This will be one on one cooking class, you can choose any dishes posted on the blog or requested a dish from South East Asia. I would gladly teach you provided I am familiar with the dish you wish. Plus you get to learn one simple Asian dessert.  Continue reading Learn To Cook Authentic Asian Cuisines

Crazy Cream

Crazy Cream

We were driving seeking for ice cream one Sunday afternoon in Sea Point Main Road. Passed some established ice cream parlors, saw the queues were crazy. Hubby and I are pretty much the same in term of disliking a long queue for food… (actually for anything really, but some things are unavoidable, like the DHA queue…ouccchhh) Continue reading Crazy Cream