Count Your Blessings


Assalamualaikum and hi all…

I hope everyone’s easing off to the holiday mood that we all deserve after a full busy year…

I must say Alhamdullilah for everything… Last weeks I encountered a bit of trouble with my health and other petty issues when hubby was on  business trip overseas. But Alhamdulillah it’s all sorted. It’s so nice to have him back with us… I must say I won’t count my troubles rather count my blessings… Alhamdulillah… Continue reading Count Your Blessings

Tortilla Modern Mexican


For those who work in CBD area, I would recommend you to try Tortilla Modern Mexican.  I tried it out today, the food was nice, wholesome, yet it serves right away.

What you have to do is to build up your own meal, as per your liking.  First, you need to choose your carb, either a Burrito (tortilla wrap) or  in a bowl filled with either rice or mixed green. Continue reading Tortilla Modern Mexican

Life is Colorful….


Assalamualikum and hi everyone…

Just wanna share picture of me one day when I took my 5 y/o girl to a park.  So she is in the phase of refusing to be taken pics in public places. Instead she loves taking pics of me… 🙂 It was kind of embarrassing when in the park parents took pics of their kids while my girl insisted to be my photographer…  She took all these pics by the way and some of other pics on the blog 🙂 Continue reading Life is Colorful….

Crazy Cream

Crazy Cream

We were driving seeking for ice cream one Sunday afternoon in Sea Point Main Road. Passed some established ice cream parlors, saw the queues were crazy. Hubby and I are pretty much the same in term of disliking a long queue for food… (actually for anything really, but some things are unavoidable, like the DHA queue…ouccchhh) Continue reading Crazy Cream

3 Easy Chinese Meals


I felt like Chinese  one night. As you probably know that I am a fan of easy and quick cooking. So I chose these three dishes, Calamari with Oyster Sauce, Cap cay (vegetable stir fry) and Fried Fish in battered flour.  Here where I take a short cut, I used Tempura Batter Mix to make the fried fish. Quick and easy! In Chinese and Indonesia culinary, it’s common to have at least three different dishes on the table, eaten with white rice. Each diner have to share the dishes.  Chinese culinary has been adapted in Indonesian culinary. For me, Chinese is just like home comfortable food as well. The key with Chinese cooking, you need to cook it fast with high heat. Prepare and cut everything before you start the cooking process. Continue reading 3 Easy Chinese Meals

Fair Couture Collections and Give Away

Black jump suit R450

Slms, hi all…

I’m excited to introduce you to a new brand in Cape Town fashion industry: Fair Couture. Fairoza Allie, the designer behind Fair Couture has had vast experience in the fashion industry in New York and Florida, USA where she used to own an online boutique and lived there for thirteen years.  Continue reading Fair Couture Collections and Give Away