Snoekies Hout Bay

I assume that many Capetonians have been to Snoekies either to the first Snoekies store in Hout Bay (since 1951) or to one of the many branches. We haven’t been to the Hout Bay branch for quite a long time. As there is a branch closer to us.  However I was surprised to find the new kiddies play and dine in area upstairs. Continue reading Snoekies Hout Bay

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is finally (back) in South Africa.. yeay… I love the fact that many international food chains are recently opening in Cape Town. Meaning that I feel “more at home” as many international chains have been operating in Indonesia since my childhood. For a person who is not a fan of pizza, I eat and like Pizza Hut firstly, for the fact that it’s reminding me of one of my childhood’s fave. Secondly, yep the pizza is delish.

Pizza Hut is an an American Italian food chain and franchise. Therefore their pizza is a thick base. For South Africans whom used to eat thin based pizza, don’t worry, Pizza Hut gives you an option of thin or thick base. Continue reading Pizza Hut

Blessing of Summer Rain

Slms and hi all,

Alhamdulillah, for the rain that much needed  today. The plants have finally quenched their thirst… . Alhamdulillah that in the midst of water restriction in Cape Town, the rain has finally showered and cooling everything down. I notice that this has been the second Friday that rained in Cape Town this summer. Bringing lovely breeze and coolness and riziek…

“and He it is who sends down the rain after they have despaired, and spread His mercy” S As-Shura (42):28

Continue reading Blessing of Summer Rain

Andalousse Maroccan Cuisine

Foodies, I’m excited to share with you a new Maroccan restaurant, Andalousse Moroccan Cuisine.

It’s situated right opposite Woodstock police station, in an unassuming building, next to a surgery.  However, once you are inside the restaurant, you’ll feel you’re in a traditional Maroccan house.  There are 4 bigger tables and a two-seater table.  Arabic music was playing and some large traditional paintings are on display. Continue reading Andalousse Maroccan Cuisine

Syriana Restaurant

Syriana Shish Tawok

When I saw Syriana food truck at the beginning of this year at the Vineyard Oval Market on a Wednesday evening, I’ve made a mental note  that I must come try the restaurant in Sea Point.  And…I’ve finally paid a visit to this Syrian restaurant, not only once, but twice within five days period 🙂 Continue reading Syriana Restaurant

Vote For halaalife

Assalamualaikum and hi all,
Kindly help my blog, retaining last year SA BLOG AWARDS as Runner Up BEST RELIGIOUS OR SPIRITUALITY BLOG or even better, help the blog reach the BEST one this year🙏🏻😄
I would be so happy if I could be the Best/first winner this year. As it has always been won by the same non-muslim’s blog.
Very simple way of voting please click the Blog AWARDS Vote for me on the sidebar of the blog. You will then be directed to the SA Blog Awards website to vote for me.

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Noodle Chicken Soup/Mie Ayam

Mie Ayam or loosely translated as noodle chicken soup is a common popular dish can be found in Indonesia and any other South East Asian country, eg. Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia. The Dish itself can be traced from Chinese cuisine.   Each regions have their own twist to it.  For Muslim, the recipe has been adapted using only halaal ingredients.

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