Halaal Eateries in Kenilworth Centre

Have you seen the newly refurbished Kenilworth Centre (KC, Cape Town) yet? Alhamdulillah majority of the eateries are halaal certified there.

There are three restaurants that (used to be not halaal) converted to be halaal stores and gained halaal certifications:

The list is according to the latest halaal certified stores: Continue reading Halaal Eateries in Kenilworth Centre

Serabi Kinca (Indonesian pancake with coconut palm sugar sauce)

Serabi or surabi is Indonesian pancake, traditionally fried in a special round clay pan on traditional charcoal clay stove. I still remember vividly how I used to make this serabi in traditional way when I was around 6, first dessert I have ever made! So I guess my passion of cooking and baking started from making serabi 🙂 Continue reading Serabi Kinca (Indonesian pancake with coconut palm sugar sauce)

A Fun Morning with the Winner of Make Over and Food Giveaway

“I am from Indonesia and she is from Canada and we are sisters in Islam.”

Asalamualaikum and hi all,

Apologize for the veeerrrry late post of the fun morning we had with the makeover and food give away winner, Suzie Germs last year.

So, Suzie got randomly chosen after my two, yes, two initial winners couldn’t make it due to unforeseen circumstances. Aha, I am so glad that she was the winner. I have known Suzie briefly as both of us were the guests for a Modest Muse episode with Mushra Hartley on Deen TV before. Continue reading A Fun Morning with the Winner of Make Over and Food Giveaway

Private Authentic Asian Cooking Class

Ketoprak/Tofu with peanut sauce salad – Capcay/chicken vegetable stir fry – Chow mein -Serabi/Indonesian Pancake

Hi and salaams all,

I am resuming the one on one cooking class for this year with some reduced rates and exciting options 🙂

The new rate:

  • one on one 2 hr cooking class for ladies: R600;
  • 2 hr for two ladies cooking class: R1000 (R500 p/p);
  • 4 weeks of 2 hr cooking classes: R1800 (R450 per sessions). The four sessions will be done once  a week, alternatively, once in two weeks. The payment could be settled in two installments.

Testimonial from one of the attendee:

Shukran Echi, for offering the cooking courses. You opened doors to your family dishes that I always wanted to attempt. The tips you gave on where to shop and what to lookout for will save me so much shopping time Algamdu Lillah. May your new venture grow from strength to strength Insha Allah (F A Kapley)

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Back To School

Assalamualaikum and hello all,

This is my first OOTD post for the new year! I hope everyone has got a nice break 🙂 To all mums, we may have all shared same feeling: between relief sending the children back to school and emotional as they start their journey this academic year. May Allah SWT guide and protect all our children always, Aameen… Continue reading Back To School

Cape Town Halaal Eateries with Play Areas

During the school holiday I’ve compiled strictly halaal eateries with play areas. As parents with three little munchkins, we prefer to dine in child friendly eateries. This list is specified to the halaal eateries with play areas, as opposed as merely child friendly (have kids menu and crayons). Kindly click the green link for the full review of such eatery where applicable.

Surprisingly spacious with various toys, divided in different segments. Located in second floor, there are some dine in tables for family with kids on this level. Beautiful view of Hout Bay from the table area.

Hout Bay

021 790 6677

Monday-Sunday 10 am- 8 pm


  • Burger King

I have visited two Burger King branches with clean and extensive play areas:

33 Heerengracht St, Roggebaai Cape Town 021 418 2404;  and

N1 City Cnr Frans Conradie and Joe Simon St

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