Kue Sus/Choux/Cream Puff

Kue Sus (Indonesian) or Cream Puff (English) or Choux ala creme (French) is an old school dessert in Asia that has gained its popularity back thanks to some hips kiosks. I haven’t seen anyone sells Cream Puff in Cape Town. Although it’s basically is eclair, only I find the Asian recipe has softer texture to it which I prefer.

Old school way,  Kue Sus is filled with custard and dust with icing sugar.  Nowadays the filling can be varied from whipped fresh cream to ice cream or savory filing. The topping can be also modified with chocolate etc. Continue reading Kue Sus/Choux/Cream Puff

Pointers on SA Passport/Smart ID Card Application Online

Assalamualaikum and hi all,

I assume many of you are aware of the passport and Smart ID application online that launched April last year?  Yes? No? Well, in this post I’d like to share some pointers from my experience applying minor passport online.  However,  for details on “how to apply” please click: Guidance Application Online DHA.

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Indonesia and Malaysia – an Introduction…

Assalamualaikum and hi all,

Beginning of this week, I’ve got an opportunity to dress up in my national costume, Kebaya with a Malaysian friend, Intan Safura Baharin in her house. Intan was wearing her beautiful national costume, Baju Kurung. Intan has been in Cape Town for these past 2 years, originated from KL, Malaysia, she has been following her hubby working in different countries. The last post her family has been before Cape Town was Jakarta where she and family lived for eight years.

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Decadent Delights Bake Shop

Have you tried Decadent Delights Bake Shop goodies in Kenilworth Centre? You won’t miss the kiosk, it’s on the ground floor, with cheerful balloons and pretty pink polkadot counters.

Decadent Delights started off as home-based baker business, then the kiosk in KC opened two years ago.  Everything is strictly halaal there, as confirmed by the friendly Muslim couple who own the shop, Shameez and Nathier. They explained that only real fresh cream is used. Beacon chocolate is used as it is halaal certified. The owners buy their meats for savouries either at the Busy Corner or Pickers halaal butcheries.   Continue reading Decadent Delights Bake Shop