Easy Parker House Rolls

Another easy bread recipe that never fails me. Parker House Rolls is originally from the US. I watched a chef in Food Network a good couple years ago making this rolls. Apologize that I can’t quote the original chef as I couldn’t even remember his name. The unique about this Parker House Rolls recipe is that no kneading process is required at all. I think by far, this is the easiest rolls recipe I have ever baked, yet it’s so yummy. I usually pair the rolls with easy chicken or soup. Continue reading Easy Parker House Rolls

Indonesian Chicken Noodle Soup (Soto Ayam)

Soto Ayam with fried vermicelli and fried potato and green sambal version.

Wanna know what’s my family most favorite dish that I make almost in a weekly basis? It’s Soto Ayam! Soto (Indonesian soup) Ayam (chicken) consists of chicken broth seasoned with some spices including turmeric, served with shredded chicken, veggie, boiled egg and noodle. Eaten with steamed rice, sambal and krupuk plus potato frikkadel or any other condiments… yummm Continue reading Indonesian Chicken Noodle Soup (Soto Ayam)

Dunkin’ Donuts

When Dunkin’ Donuts has finally opened branches in Cape Town, I was just soooo happy. This brought back my childhood memory when first time I had Dunkin’ Donuts in Indonesia, I must have been around 12 years old. Ohhh old good Dunkin’ donuts! The above image is my favorite Dunkin’ for all these years, it’s called Boston Cream. It’s a round donuts filled with vanilla filling and chocolate topping. Continue reading Dunkin’ Donuts

Cinnabon (Cavendish Square Branch)

My first experience with this inviting cinnamon aroma of Cinnabon was when I performed umrah over a decade ago in Medina. When Cinnabon opened their doors in South Africa, I was excited! I used to buy Cinnabon in Canal Walk branch. Then came Cavendish Square branch! Yeay.. closer to home…. I have been waiting until Cavendish Square halaal certification was ready because this post is based on the Cavendish Square branch. So last time I bought from them, I saw MJC halaal certificate was on the wall. Continue reading Cinnabon (Cavendish Square Branch)

Movie Night Kids Party Inspirations

Assalamualaikum and Hi all….

I’d like to share some birthday parties pictures of my boys. Jan, Feb and March are busy months for me. My sons and hubby’ birthday consecutively. We don’t always have a party for the children’s birthday. Usually we alternate it every second or third year. However if one sibling had party one year, of course the others would moan for the same things 🙂  Continue reading Movie Night Kids Party Inspirations

IOU (Islamic Online University) Awareness Month

IOU (Islamic Online University) Awareness Month

Guest Post

                     Basheerah Mollagee (SA Student Committee)

Note from halaalife.com:

Asalamualaikum, for the first time I have included a guest post, which I intend to limit accordingly, to educational, charity or something that of beneficial to the community. The content of this article is fully written by her. Therefore I have not made any research nor any changes or additional info on this matter. IA, enjoy.

Islamic Online University was started by Dr Bilal Phillips in 2007. He envisioned an institution that would offer under graduate and graduate programmes in Islamic Studies completely free. A certificate or a diploma in Islamic Studies is still completely free, Alhamdulilah. Continue reading IOU (Islamic Online University) Awareness Month

Morning Walk in Tulbagh with Her

Assalamualaikum and hi all…

Just wanna share some pictures on a lazy Sunday morning spent briefly in Tulbagh. A pretty town indeed…

It’s been a quite hectic months. I would like to post more regularly, In sha Allah. Now that the chaos of preparing my sons and hubby’ birthdays are over. Mind you, it was three months in a row. However there has been an agreement that no parties for next year!  Continue reading Morning Walk in Tulbagh with Her