South East Asian Common Herb, Spices and Ingredients

What makes South East Asian cuisine aromatic, light  and refreshing yet satisfying?  The herbs, spices and ingredients. Most of South East Asian cuisines balance 5 taste buds well. The balancing of the five senses plus the spiciness are the secret behind the deliciousness of the food. Although sometimes three or four tastes are more dominant in some dishes.  No wonder, upon trying South East Asian food people often describe it as tasty!

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The Butcher’s Wife

We’ve finally got a chance to try the hips and happening fully halaal restaurant in Athlone,  The Butcher’s Wife (“TBW”). 

We meant to go to TBW for quite some time, but we have been hesitated after observing how full the restaurant from outside when we passed there. If you’ve known me by now, I love great food, but queuing for food is not my thing 🙂 So, one early evening when we were in the area and it seemed TBW wasn’t that full, we jumped into the opportunity! Here’s my review on our experience in TBW.

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