OOTD for itrend itv Interview

Assalamualaikum and hi all,

I had an opportunity to be interviewed for itrend itv DSTV channel 347 on Thursday morning. As itv studio is in Joburg, I had to do skype live for the interview.

It was my first experience on skype live interview. Well, there’s always the first time for everything, right?

I’ve managed to lock my room just before the interview. I can’t let the BBC news scene happening in my life 🙂 My mid son told me “Mum don’t forget to wear a pants”… hahaha…

I chose to wear two layers of tops in different colors, as the focus of attention of the outfit. As it’s only my top would be apparent in the skype camera, anyway.

Makeup was done by myself this time. Along with the display of traditional Indonesian cookies/cakes for the table.

Among many questions that the lovely presenter, Zaheerah Bham Ismail asked me, I’d like to share one. When she asked me what advice that I would give to new bloggers out there:

My advice to new bloggers (as I am also only in my second year):

  • Your blog needs to be unique, authentic and different from other blogs.
  • Don’t compete and compare with other bloggers, especially the established bloggers. Compare and compete with yourself, try to be the better you. It will shine in your blog. Do your own thing.
  • Read read read… arm yourself with knowledge and a writing skill.
  • Have faith in yourself and be confident.
  • It’s never too late. I started the blog in the age of 41. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

the traditional Indonesian cookies display.

Just putting and mixing what I found in my dressing room, nothing is new.

Outer top IG: @dresstoimpress.id

Inner top: Woolworths SA

Jeans: Levi’s SA

Bangle: Lovisa SA

If you’ve missed the live interview on Thursday, it will be repeated this Saturday, 15 April at 10 am, IA itrend, itv DSTV channel 347.

Til next time,



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