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Hi there, Assalamualaikum!

I am a wife and a mother of three young children. Indonesian born now residing in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

You will find in this blog my passion for culinary world, especially Indonesian and Asians plus other easy meals. Whatever I cook or bake, I try to create or do it in an efficient and easier manner with halaal ingredients, of course. Alhamdulillah, it’s not difficult to find halaal eateries in Cape Town, from the street food to fine dining. Please find my reviews  on halaal eateries in Cape Town that I recommend as well. The What’s Not Halaal section is also important before you pick something haraam from the shops.

In Rest n Relax I would review some unique spa, accommodation and holiday. Don’t forget to visit the Thoughts and Tips that you may find quite useful.

All reviews are honest and according to my opinion and my fondness and satisfaction of a restaurant/spa/product/service.  I prefer to write positive reviews, therefore if I don’t like and don’t recommend a restaurant/spa/product/service that I intended to review, I won’t feature it on my blog and/or social medias. Even if it is a Sponsored Post, I would only choose the stuff that I like generally and within my niche.

Modest fashion for more matured muslimah (I am in my early forties) is also of my interest.  In sha Allah, I am just trying to live my life in Islamic way that will reflect in this site.


Please stop by the Cooking Class category for the first and only authentic Asian/Indonesian Cooking Class in South Africa 🙂

Enjoy the journey…



Echi S Wasanawati Ismail


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A life as a Muslimah mum, halaal foodie, hijab fashion and other aspects of Islamic life…