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Pic: from Bali Food Truck FB

Aha! Would you like to try and indulge in Indonesian street food cooked by my fellow Indonesians? One of very few of Indonesian dishes offered in Cape Town is from Bali Food Truck.

Pic: from Bali Food Truck FB : The food truck in Big Bay Market

Bali Food Truck can be found in markets in Cape Town.  I visited them in Kirstenbosch Market on a Sunday afternoon.  Although you won’t see the truck in Kirstenbosch Market (due to the rule there), but their table is centrally located in the food area.  Otherwise, Bali Food Truck is available on certain Wednesday evening in Big Bay Market plus in any other markets. I suggest that you follow their FB/IG to keep track of where they will be on 🙂

Mie Goreng (Fried Noodle) and Bakwan Goreng with peanut chili sauce were my choice for the lunch in Kirstenbosch Market.

Bali Food Truck catered private functions as well as weddings and corporate events.

I love their attention to details, the table was artistically and traditionally decorated.  They certainly brought Indonesian culture right on the table.

Besides the menu as shown on the board in Kirstenbosch Market, Bali Food Truck offers Rendang (spicy beef with coconut milk), Kwetiau (fried rice noodle), Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay), Cap cay (Stir fried vegetable), urab (steamed vegetable with spiced coconut). All these menus are alternated served in the markets.

SnapScan is accepted as the method of payment as well as cash, of course. Did you see those two mini statues? Those are statues of the Javanese bride and the groom (Loro Blonyo). It’s the symbol of prosperity in general in Javanese culture.

Bali Food Truck is owned by two Muslim Indonesian ladies. They confirmed that all the meat and chicken is sourced from a halaal butchery (Crown Butcher, Salt River) and using halaal certified sauces.

The owners of Bali Food Truck and myself.

Selamat makan 🙂 *bon appetite 🙂

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IG: balifoodtrucksa

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