Movie Night Kids Party Inspirations

Assalamualaikum and Hi all….

I’d like to share some birthday parties pictures of my boys. Jan, Feb and March are busy months for me. My sons and hubby’ birthday consecutively. We don’t always have a party for the children’s birthday. Usually we alternate it every second or third year. However if one sibling had party one year, of course the others would moan for the same things 🙂 

I’m glad next year is noooo paaarttyyy year :-)…

As my eldest’s (11 years old) birthday was on January and my middle son (10 years old) was on March, summer months, we decided to go with movie night under the stars theme, for both of them.

Everything is almost identical, except for the location we put the screen  and for my middle son there wasn’t any Jacuzzi session, as the weather getting a bit chill in March.

The movie started after Magrieb. oh, all cakes here are baked and made with love by me. The last pics, when I surprised hubby, on his birthday. I came to his office brought traditional Indonesian lunch, called Tumpeng. I invited couple of his clients/friends that I know as well.Boy did he get a surprise! 🙂 Here are the pictures combined from both parties.

As per request from my eldest, a blue cake 🙂
As per request from the middle son, a strawberry cake. So I made strawberry short cake fusion.
Fave food amongs these boys are…. Pizza and sushi.
Snacks corner.
Fruit Punch seems to be the favorite among these boys.
When Magrieb time, party boys got to make shalaah! the non Muslim looked on and waited paitiently inside and some waited outside.
Movie on…
Hubby’s surprise birthday lunch at his office.
Nasi Tumpeng, a traditional celebratory dish, usually served for birthday, wedding, independece day etc.

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