Boerie Express

In our excursion to Readers Warehouse and to Builders Warehouse in Tokai, we’ve found this new clean brightly orange kiosk Boerie Express. Thought I would just check it out if they are halaal.. yeay yippie, they are even halaal certified.  So, here my Sunday mid-morning snack was sorted as the boys would be hungry when they finished the kickboxing lessons!

I bought for my girl a Boerie Roll (R35) and Chips Rolls (R20) for the boys for after practice snacks. First of all I thought the price was reasonable, especially for the Boerie Roll as the worst is extra long plus chips on the side. There are many options of sauces that are free for customers to pour it on their food.  All sodas are R10 only and capuccinno, latte etc R20.

I am not a big fan of burger and chips and boerie rolls, but I ended up eating my girl’s chips.  The chips was thick but crispy and fresh from the fryer. The worst was sizzling hot.

On the menu Beef Burger and Fillet chicken Burger (R35) and Hot Chips (R20).

Now I know what snack I can buy for my kids for after practice snack.  Only one thing that bothered me a bit, when I asked the guy for a cover or a brown paper bag for the Chip Rolls as I had to bring it to their practice, the guy gave me plastics from the burger rolls. I guess it’s reuse… ? 🙂 but got quite upset when another customer (a young girl) came, she got a brown paper for her order. Hmmm… maybe it’s because it’s for Chip Rolls or it’s because I am too old? bwahhahaah…

Anyway, I will come back next time (hopefully will get the brown paper that I deserved) 🙂

The cleanliness of the kiosk and the uniforms are great. Let’s hope it will stay as clean as this in years to come. In Tokai kiosk, there are four table with benches with umbrella for customers. I couldn’t find other locations on their website, but hubby said there is a new one in other Builders Warehouse branch.  I saw in the website they are opened for frachise too.. so, anyone…?

Boerie Express (ICSA halaal certified)

+27 (0) 21 788 8152

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