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Dunkin’ Donuts

When Dunkin’ Donuts has finally opened branches in Cape Town, I was just soooo happy. This brought back my childhood memory when first time I had Dunkin’ Donuts in Indonesia, I must have been around 12 years old. Ohhh old good Dunkin’ donuts! The above image is my favorite Dunkin’ for all these years, it’s called Boston Cream. It’s a round donuts filled with vanilla filling and chocolate topping. Continue reading Dunkin’ Donuts

Cinnabon (Cavendish Square Branch)

My first experience with this inviting cinnamon aroma of Cinnabon was when I performed umrah over a decade ago in Medina. When Cinnabon opened their doors in South Africa, I was excited! I used to buy Cinnabon in Canal Walk branch. Then came Cavendish Square branch! Yeay.. closer to home…. I have been waiting until Cavendish Square halaal certification was ready because this post is based on the Cavendish Square branch. So last time I bought from them, I saw MJC halaal certificate was on the wall. Continue reading Cinnabon (Cavendish Square Branch)

Decadent Delights Bake Shop

Have you tried Decadent Delights Bake Shop goodies in Kenilworth Centre? You won’t miss the kiosk, it’s on the ground floor, with cheerful balloons and pretty pink polkadot counters.

Decadent Delights started off as home-based baker business, then the kiosk in KC opened two years ago.  Everything is strictly halaal there, as confirmed by the friendly Muslim couple who own the shop, Shameez and Nathier. They explained that only real fresh cream is used. Beacon chocolate is used as it is halaal certified. The owners buy their meats for savouries either at the Busy Corner or Pickers halaal butcheries.   Continue reading Decadent Delights Bake Shop

Halaal Eateries in Kenilworth Centre

Have you seen the newly refurbished Kenilworth Centre (KC, Cape Town) yet? Alhamdulillah majority of the eateries are halaal certified there.

There are three restaurants that (used to be not halaal) converted to be halaal stores and gained halaal certifications:

The list is according to the latest halaal certified stores: Continue reading Halaal Eateries in Kenilworth Centre

Cape Town Halaal Eateries with Play Areas

During the school holiday I’ve compiled strictly halaal eateries with play areas. As parents with three little munchkins, we prefer to dine in child friendly eateries. This list is specified to the halaal eateries with play areas, as opposed as merely child friendly (have kids menu and crayons). Kindly click the green link for the full review of such eatery where applicable.

Surprisingly spacious with various toys, divided in different segments. Located in second floor, there are some dine in tables for family with kids on this level. Beautiful view of Hout Bay from the table area.

Hout Bay

021 790 6677

Monday-Sunday 10 am- 8 pm


  • Burger King

I have visited two Burger King branches with clean and extensive play areas:

33 Heerengracht St, Roggebaai Cape Town 021 418 2404;  and

N1 City Cnr Frans Conradie and Joe Simon St

Continue reading Cape Town Halaal Eateries with Play Areas

Snoekies Hout Bay

I assume that many Capetonians have been to Snoekies either to the first Snoekies store in Hout Bay (since 1951) or to one of the many branches. We haven’t been to the Hout Bay branch for quite a long time. As there is a branch closer to us.  However I was surprised to find the new kiddies play and dine in area upstairs. Continue reading Snoekies Hout Bay

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is finally (back) in South Africa.. yeay… I love the fact that many international food chains are recently opening in Cape Town. Meaning that I feel “more at home” as many international chains have been operating in Indonesia since my childhood. For a person who is not a fan of pizza, I eat and like Pizza Hut firstly, for the fact that it’s reminding me of one of my childhood’s fave. Secondly, yep the pizza is delish.

Pizza Hut is an an American Italian food chain and franchise. Therefore their pizza is a thick base. For South Africans whom used to eat thin based pizza, don’t worry, Pizza Hut gives you an option of thin or thick base. Continue reading Pizza Hut