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The Butcher’s Wife

We’ve finally got a chance to try the hips and happening fully halaal restaurant in Athlone,  The Butcher’s Wife (“TBW”). 

We meant to go to TBW for quite some time, but we have been hesitated after observing how full the restaurant from outside when we passed there. If you’ve known me by now, I love great food, but queuing for food is not my thing 🙂 So, one early evening when we were in the area and it seemed TBW wasn’t that full, we jumped into the opportunity! Here’s my review on our experience in TBW.

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South Blvd Cafe, Port Elizabeth

Another halaal eatery that we’ve tried in Port Elizabeth on our overnight stay was South Blvd Cafe, Port Elizabeth.

South Blvd Cafe is situated in such a beautiful location, overlooking the harbour. We went there in a perfect morning for breakfast. There are few tables outside where you can dine and enjoy the view. The rest of the tables are inside although the doors are fully opened when we came. Continue reading South Blvd Cafe, Port Elizabeth

Taj Mahal, Port Elizabeth

For those who plan a trip to Port Elizabeth, you are spoiled for choice for halaal eateries.  On our Dec Road trip, we stayed overnight in PE, I wish that we stayed longer as we had all fully halaal eateries, one of them was Taj Mahal in Bay West Mall. In fact, many eateries in the food court area in Bay West Mall if it not all, are halaal. I can’t really confirm if all of them in food court are halaal now as I am now back in Cape Town 🙂 Continue reading Taj Mahal, Port Elizabeth

Boerie Express

In our excursion to Readers Warehouse and to Builders Warehouse in Tokai, we’ve found this new clean brightly orange kiosk Boerie Express. Thought I would just check it out if they are halaal.. yeay yippie, they are even halaal certified.  So, here my Sunday mid-morning snack was sorted as the boys would be hungry when they finished the kickboxing lessons! Continue reading Boerie Express

Outspan Seafood Restaurant, Kalk Bay

Latest Update: their kitchen is remained halaal. They don’t sell alcohol. However guests are welcomed to bring their alcohol. Meaning they are not strictly halaal any longer.

Slms and hi all,

So a good some times ago, my friend and I went for a drive to Kalk Bay.  At the spur of the moment I thought great, then we can try out Outspan Restaurant that recently converted into fully halaal eatery.  It’s a great choice for that side of the world as halaal eateries with no alcohol in the premises are scarce in that area. We have passed Outspan in one or two weekends but it looked so full all the time  so glad that I could try it out for early lunch midweek. Continue reading Outspan Seafood Restaurant, Kalk Bay