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South East Asian Common Herb, Spices and Ingredients

What makes South East Asian cuisine aromatic, light  and refreshing yet satisfying?  The herbs, spices and ingredients. Most of South East Asian cuisines balance 5 taste buds well. The balancing of the five senses plus the spiciness are the secret behind the deliciousness of the food. Although sometimes three or four tastes are more dominant in some dishes.  No wonder, upon trying South East Asian food people often describe it as tasty!

The five tastes buds (plus spicy) in South East Asian food represents by ie: Continue reading South East Asian Common Herb, Spices and Ingredients

Indonesian Steamed Cupcakes (Bolu Kukus)

There are many recipes of Bolu Kukus, a traditional Indonesian steamed cupcakes out there. This particular recipe doesn’t require eggs nor soda water and no electric mixer needed.  Many finds Bolu Kukus is a tricky to make. Therefore I would strongly recommend this recipe to get the fluffy texture plus to get the Bolu Kukus crack on top. Or as they call it the Bolu Kukus must “smile” 🙂 Continue reading Indonesian Steamed Cupcakes (Bolu Kukus)

Tiramisu (Non Alcoholic)

Tiramisu, the popular Italian dessert is mostly made with kahlua or other liquer. Surprisingly, when I made a little research on tiramisu, initially, the traditional tiramisu (1960s) was made with no liquor.

I’ve found this recipe many years ago, can’t remember the resources. The recipe has been changed and adapted especially in liquor part to be non alcoholic. Continue reading Tiramisu (Non Alcoholic)

Siomay Bandung (Dimsum ala Bandung)

Siomay derived from China, Shumai, a stuffed dumpling type of dim sum. Chinese Shumai filling is made from non halaal meat, thus in Indonesia it’s substituted with mix of minced prawn/fish and chicken. In Bandung, West Java, siomay containing a minced fish and chicken filling in wonton wrapper served with filled egg, filled tofu, potato, cabbage and bitter gourd (paria). Siomay is served with peanut sauce, a squished of lime  and Kecap Manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce).

Siomay is usually eaten as a snack, breakfast or light lunch. Continue reading Siomay Bandung (Dimsum ala Bandung)

Easy Parker House Rolls

Another easy bread recipe that never fails me. Parker House Rolls is originally from the US. I watched a chef in Food Network a good couple years ago making this rolls. Apologize that I can’t quote the original chef as I couldn’t even remember his name. The unique about this Parker House Rolls recipe is that no kneading process is required at all. I think by far, this is the easiest rolls recipe I have ever baked, yet it’s so yummy. I usually pair the rolls with easy chicken or soup. Continue reading Easy Parker House Rolls