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Ocean View Penthouse, Strand

The sunken lounge – sunset view

Nestled in the prime Beach Rd, Strand (Western Cape), Ocean View Penthouse is a touch of luxury, comfy and style.  The amazing (almost) 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains, ie. Table Mountain and Gordon’s Bay mountains and the view of the beach are first class. No matter what time of the day and night, the view is just breathtaking!

The balcony offering a stunning view of the oceans and mountains – sunrise view

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Styled UP FAIR

Assalamualaikum and hi all….

Have you secured your seats yet for the upcoming Styled UP FAIR event?

I promise that  you will be treated to lots of fun “me time”. I would love to meet as many as halaalife readers there!

Currently there is a competition running in FB page : The lucky lady will get the free entry plus 2 vouchers of cappuccino from Mista Barista. Continue reading Styled UP FAIR

Movie Night Kids Party Inspirations

Assalamualaikum and Hi all….

I’d like to share some birthday parties pictures of my boys. Jan, Feb and March are busy months for me. My sons and hubby’ birthday consecutively. We don’t always have a party for the children’s birthday. Usually we alternate it every second or third year. However if one sibling had party one year, of course the others would moan for the same things 🙂  Continue reading Movie Night Kids Party Inspirations

A Fun Morning with the Winner of Make Over and Food Giveaway

“I am from Indonesia and she is from Canada and we are sisters in Islam.”

Asalamualaikum and hi all,

Apologize for the veeerrrry late post of the fun morning we had with the makeover and food give away winner, Suzie Germs last year.

So, Suzie got randomly chosen after my two, yes, two initial winners couldn’t make it due to unforeseen circumstances. Aha, I am so glad that she was the winner. I have known Suzie briefly as both of us were the guests for a Modest Muse episode with Mushra Hartley on Deen TV before. Continue reading A Fun Morning with the Winner of Make Over and Food Giveaway

Ladies Garden Summer Asian Cooking Class Party


Aslkm and hi ladies:

I am excited to host:

Ladies Garden Summer Asian Cooking Class Party

Great for end of year function, birthday, reunion, bachelorette, celebrating friendships, you name it… or just to experience and exploring easy authentic Asian/Indonesian cooking with friends or your mums and sisters.

The hands-on cooking class will be held in the garden or in under covered area if weather not permitted. Each participants will get her own stove and equipment. After the fun interactive cooking lesson, the guests get to enjoy the foods they cook. Continue reading Ladies Garden Summer Asian Cooking Class Party

Tips on Minimal Halaal Cooking on a Holiday House

Easy breakfast: poached eggs with coarse salt and black pepper, salad with a dash of lemon, avo slices, toasts and butter.

Summer is fast approaching and renting a self catering holiday house is on the plan, maybe? For the Muslims, we tend to choose a self catering rental as most of holiday places don’t cater for halaal or maybe very limited choice of halaal eateries, right?

If you rent a holiday house within relatively short driving distance, then you could just easily bring some food stocks from home. But if your holiday requirea airplane or long distance drive, these tips may help you. Continue reading Tips on Minimal Halaal Cooking on a Holiday House