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IOU (Islamic Online University) Awareness Month

IOU (Islamic Online University) Awareness Month

Guest Post

                     Basheerah Mollagee (SA Student Committee)

Note from

Asalamualaikum, for the first time I have included a guest post, which I intend to limit accordingly, to educational, charity or something that of beneficial to the community. The content of this article is fully written by her. Therefore I have not made any research nor any changes or additional info on this matter. IA, enjoy.

Islamic Online University was started by Dr Bilal Phillips in 2007. He envisioned an institution that would offer under graduate and graduate programmes in Islamic Studies completely free. A certificate or a diploma in Islamic Studies is still completely free, Alhamdulilah. Continue reading IOU (Islamic Online University) Awareness Month

Pointers on SA Passport/Smart ID Card Application Online

Assalamualaikum and hi all,

I assume many of you are aware of the passport and Smart ID application online that launched April last year?  Yes? No? Well, in this post I’d like to share some pointers from my experience applying minor passport online.  However,  for details on “how to apply” please click: Guidance Application Online DHA.

Continue reading Pointers on SA Passport/Smart ID Card Application Online

Vote For halaalife

Assalamualaikum and hi all,
Kindly help my blog, retaining last year SA BLOG AWARDS as Runner Up BEST RELIGIOUS OR SPIRITUALITY BLOG or even better, help the blog reach the BEST one this year🙏🏻😄
I would be so happy if I could be the Best/first winner this year. As it has always been won by the same non-muslim’s blog.
Very simple way of voting please click the Blog AWARDS Vote for me on the sidebar of the blog. You will then be directed to the SA Blog Awards website to vote for me.

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The Winner of Make-Over and Foodie Give-Away


Congratulation @muneebarahim the winner of’s make over and food give away in the value of more than R2000.

She has been chosen randomly. Jazakalah for those who have participated. IA next time there will be more give away!

Unfortunately Muneeba wouldn’t be able to come for the photoshoot due to medical reason. We have chosen randomnly Suzie Germs as the replacement winner…



Make Over and Foodie Give Away


Salams all,

An exciting give away for Cape Town ladies to enter! As you know that this blog is a lifestyle blog. I wanna host one morning fun spending with me this November.

One lucky lady will get to try my Indonesian cooking plus… get to experience what I experience as a lifestyle blogger: make up, photo shoot, free clothings for the photo shoot, breakfast voucher and hamper. Continue reading Make Over and Foodie Give Away

A Week in A Glimpse

My blogging corner where I am sitting right now 🙂

Assalamulaikum and hi everyone,

Firstly, belated Eid-ud-Adha  Mubarak to you all…

I know it’s a very late wishes 🙂 I must say Alhamdulillah, grateful that I am back on my toes now. For roughly a month I’ve struggled on-and-off with allergy that caused sinusitis. Blocked nose, sniffs, sneeze, itchy eyes, sore throat oucchhh… The peak was on the Eid day. So there I was in doctor’s practice on Eid morning.  I am so relieved now that I am much better, after taking the antibiotic and other medicines, thanks to Allah SWT who cures me. Continue reading A Week in A Glimpse

Tips on Minimal Halaal Cooking on a Holiday House

Easy breakfast: poached eggs with coarse salt and black pepper, salad with a dash of lemon, avo slices, toasts and butter.

Summer is fast approaching and renting a self catering holiday house is on the plan, maybe? For the Muslims, we tend to choose a self catering rental as most of holiday places don’t cater for halaal or maybe very limited choice of halaal eateries, right?

If you rent a holiday house within relatively short driving distance, then you could just easily bring some food stocks from home. But if your holiday requirea airplane or long distance drive, these tips may help you. Continue reading Tips on Minimal Halaal Cooking on a Holiday House