Domino’s Pizza, Claremont

Last Sunday my kids were all excited that we at last can order pizza from Domino’s Pizza as the newly opened Claremont branch is halaal certified. We enjoyed a lot of Domino’s Pizza in Jakarta, Indonesia on our recent holiday there.

The store is clean and the service was good, quick and friendly.  We are happy to see the monitor tracker screen to find out where our order was and duration process, in the making or in the oven or ready… the same experience we had in Domino’s Jakarta.

Currently a deal is being offered, Double Up deal: R134.90 for any two large traditional pizzas.  We opted for 3 Cheese with thick based and Hawaiian with thin based with extra BBQ sauce in a tub. The former was my favorite type of pizza, just cheese and thin based 🙂

There are four ranges of pizza toppings, Traditional range is R39.90 (S), R59.90 (M), R85.90 (L). The Famous R49.90 (S), R73.90 (M) and R95.90 (L). The Epic R57.90 (S), R81.90 (M) and R109.90. The extravaganza R62.90 (S), R95.90 (M0 and R112.90 (L). Some chicken, sides and desserts are available too.

Free delivery is available within certain distance. Order online is recommended either for delivery or collection on: Domino’s website.

I like the steps that the store has added for children to watch how the pizza being made. Worked perfect for my girl to watch and not getting bored waiting. Although the waiting time for the two pizza were quick, about 10 mins.

Domino’s Pizza Claremont (MJCHT haalal certified)
Cnr Belvedere & Imam Haron Rd, Shop 2, New Market Place, Claremont
021 671 5419
Open every day: 10 am-10 pm

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