Experience Turkish Coffee at Byblos Trading Co

So, our trip to hunt for new furniture in the Palms Centre in Woodstock has led us finding a hidden gem coffee shop, called Byblos Trading Co.

I’m firstly drawn to the blue hues of the interior then I realized that I was at the home of Mediterranean cafe style! The friendly barista, Mthu welcomed us to the cafe.

After perusing the extensive beverages menu, my eyes has set to the “Alt Brewing”, Turkish Coffee and baklava combo (R55 for 2 cups of Turkish coffee and 2 small assorted Lebanese baklava).

The baristas even showed me how to make the authentic Turkish coffee. For those who have come to my cooking classes, may have known that I am a fan of authenticity as opposed to fusion style. So that I was so excited to experience how the Ottoman empire made their coffee!

The finely ground coffee is brewed with water and spice in a cezwe, a traditional  Turkish coffee pot over a traditional stove.  Then the barista swirl the cezwe around 3 times (I think? can’t really recall 🙂

The coffee served without milk and no sugar needed. It’s a perfect combination with the assorted baklava. As the sweetness I gain from the baklava. I like the baklava as it’s not too sweet for my liking.

For me it’s a coffee time with a new culture altogether! Very refreshing. I love how velvety the coffee tasted. Even I didn’t put sugar the coffee isn’t bitter as I think it’s brewed in a perfect temperature!

There are other specialty beverages such as Yerba Matte (R30) and Turkish Apple Tea (R28) as well as the normal teas (R18.50) and our usual cappuccinos. The price isn’t bad at all as short Cappuccino  only set you back to R21. And… ahaaa… spotted Babycinno (R10).  We haven’t got extra time nor space for extra beverages. However one day I’d love to try the cappucino and their other specialty beverages (cold beverages are available too). And since Babycinno is on the menu, I know that my little princess would be happy to come here 🙂

There are some Mediterranean sweets, imported Lebanese treats as well as coffee blends available at the shop.

There are food on the menu. Such as chicken, cheese and humus rolls and toasties. When I asked Mthu if the shop is halaal,  he informed everything is halaal but they don’t have halaal certification.  I’ve checked some of the imported goods they have halaal certifications too.

Hubby took the Hummus Avo Roll (R35) back to the office. He said it was delicious. Sorry didn’t manage to take pic of the food. Coz we were actually in a task of finding furniture there 🙂 But in the near future, we will make sure to pop by with my little crews.

Byblos Trading Co.

021 461 2612
Opening Hour:
Mon-Friday: 8am-4pm
Saturday      : 9am-2pm

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