The First and Only Indonesian-SE Asian Cooking Class Taught by Native Indonesian

Hi and Asalamualaikum all 🙂

So last week Cooking Class I was glad that my friend blogger, Nadia from Shiny Sequin Blog attended my cooking class. She took lots of pictures and post a review on her blog. Please check it out: Shiny Sequin Blog

“I was amazed how Echi remembered everyone’s names in the class. She made everyone feel at home, and not any Home, an Asian Home.” (Nadia @shinysequins_blog)

Here’s some pictures from last cooking class 🙂

Mie Goreng in the making
Interactive and observing — all good 🙂
Treated with henna art in dessert time for this class 🙂

Next cooking class will be this Saturday, 3 March 2018 at 2 pm. There are some spots still available. We are going to make one of the 50 most delicious food in the world, Rendang 🙂



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