126 Cape Kitchen & Cafe, Hilton Hotel

About 2 months ago (uppss this really is a late post) my friend and I had an early lunch at the  126 Cape Kitchen and Cafe at the Hilton Hotel, Cape Town.

We were the only guests there and I assumed it was because we came right on when they opened for lunch at 12.30.

The first impression of the interior setting was excellent. I loved the clean, earthy yet modern look of the interior. As they were still at the last stage of renovating the reception area, it was a bit of noise going on. However the renovation must have been done by now.

First time I had the menu on a tablet instead of a menu book. So here we were scrolling all the menu on the tablets!

The menu is a fusion of  traditional South African, Cape Malay, and Asian cooking.  The menu is divided into six categories: Cleansing, Texture, Unique, Twist, Create Memories, and Pure. 

For example the Prawn & Chicken Laksa (R175) that my friend ordered came from the “Cleansing” category.  The Beef Sirloin (R165)  that I ordered came from the “Creating Memories).

Now let’s talk about the taste! First of all all the food are presented so so beautifully as the restaurant is categorized as Fine Dining.  The Prawn and Chicken Laksa came so beautifully in a bowl with a tempura egg. I am not sure as it is supposed to be a fusion, but the authentic Prawn Laksa doesn’t come with tempura egg nor mushroom and edible flowers plus we don’t fry/grill the prawn. The broth was too thick as it is supposed to be a curried soup. Ah well, maybe it’s their fusion creation. And who am I to judge as I am only an authentic Asian girl who teach Prawn Laksa to Capetownians 🙂

The Sirloin on the other hand, I can’t complain on it. It’s delicious especially that we have an option to choose on the side, sauce and rub. So for the side I chose grilled mushroom, with Green Pepper sauce and Malay Spice for the rub. Simply delicious!

126 Cape Kitchen and Cafe offers Tea Pairing with the food too.  I found some interesting menu on the “Twist” category, however not that adventurous enough to try:  Bobotie Dim Sum (R85), it’s Malay curried lamb mince steamed wonton with sweet and sour dipping.  On the “Texture” category is all the Indian tandoori and kebabs plus wraps. On the “Cleansing” category that I found it interesting is the Vegetable Rice Paper Rolls (R95). In “Unique” category I would probably try  the Miso and Wild Mushroom (R105).

Complimentary bread and hummus while waiting for the food.

So, the experience at the 126 Cape Kitchen and Cafe is quite unique. I had a little bit of annoying experience though when my credit card was overcharged and only realized it at home (yeah too much chatting). I got my money refunded back afterward though.

126 Cape Kitchen & Cafe (Halaal certified: ICSA)

Monday – Friday 6:30AM – 10:30AM

Saturday & Sunday 6:30AM – 11:00AM


Monday – Sunday 12:30PM – 15:00PM


Monday – Sunday 18:00PM – 22:30PM

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