Holiday Memories

Eid morning we were in Bandung, to celebrate Eid with the extended family.

Assalam and hi there, all…

Apologize for being  quite on the blog for so long…. 🙂

First of all, I hope you all had a great and blessed Eid with the family, for those who celebrating.  Better late than never, hey…

So, here’s why the blog post was so scarce… 

Like everyone’s else in this world, Eid Fitr is about family, therefore this year my family and I joined many of Indonesian exodus… what we called “pulang kampung”. Literally meaning return to the village/return home.

Yup, we’ve spent one month in Indonesia. Mostly we’ve stayed in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, where I was born and lived for 30 years of my life. Then we spent couple of days in Bandung, a hometown of my late mum to spend Eid with her extended family. For a couple of days we took a break from Indonesia and went to a resort in Sepang, Malaysia. 

Here are some pics from our holiday. If you have instagram, facebook or twitter… please follow me on social medias. As you’ll find more updated and moreeee pictures of holiday and behind the scenes daily.  Enjoy the pictures 🙂

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wasalam, til next post, IA


Eid sholaah in Bandung. Sholah was made in the hotel we were staying on the side parking area. All welcomed, including those from the neigbourhood. Even a refreshment was served by the hotel. As you could see, all women in the household joined the sholah.
What’s sweeter than an union? a reunion! My sisters and family and us. We had a big iftaar with my late mum’s family to celebrate the last day of Ramadaan plus my daughter pre-birthday party 🙂
A popular street in the older part of Bandung. I left my heart in this city as it always reminds me of childhood with cousins and family…
A street vendor selling a traditional snack originally from Jakarta. He cooks everything straight in the street.
The neighborhood in Jakarta, welcome to the concrete jungle…
Wandering around in Jakarta, in the heat, crossing the bridge to a mall.
Just chilling by the pool at one of our accommodations in Jakarta.
Sometimes the quickest mode of transports in Jakarta for mall hopping is… by feet… 🙂
One of the nicest malls in Jakarta, Senayan City.
We had so much fun with the family. This time we had a sukiyaki/shabu shabu dinner at my nephew’s restaurant, Sukiboy.
My daughter had a blast day in Kidzania, Jakarta.
Our break to Sepang, Malaysia, the boys had to visit Formula One race, Sepang!
Our beautiful accommodation in Sepang, Malaysia.

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