IOU (Islamic Online University) Awareness Month

IOU (Islamic Online University) Awareness Month

Guest Post

                     Basheerah Mollagee (SA Student Committee)

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Asalamualaikum, for the first time I have included a guest post, which I intend to limit accordingly, to educational, charity or something that of beneficial to the community. The content of this article is fully written by her. Therefore I have not made any research nor any changes or additional info on this matter. IA, enjoy.

Islamic Online University was started by Dr Bilal Phillips in 2007. He envisioned an institution that would offer under graduate and graduate programmes in Islamic Studies completely free. A certificate or a diploma in Islamic Studies is still completely free, Alhamdulilah.

IOU’s motto is “changing the nation through education”. The word ‘nation’ here means the global nation and as testimony of this commitment to education, IOU currently has almost 300 000 registered students around the globe.

IOU endeavors to bring good quality, holistic, accredited courses to students in the comfort of their own homes.

There is a lot of focus nowadays on ‘empowering women’, so this is an amazing opportunity for stay at home mums who wish to improve themselves and further their education. This is a fantastic opportunity, not just for women, but for everyone to improve themselves and increase their knowledge.

IOU offers, for a very reasonable enrollment fee, certificate, diploma and degree courses – full or part time in various areas, such as Islamic Studies, Business Administration, Information Technology, Education, Islamic Banking & Finance, Psychology, Arabic and many more. Lectures are presented in a holistic and interactive manner, providing the best of secular and Islamic knowledge.

Many of the well qualified TA’s (assistant lecturers) are from and reside in South Africa, which is quite beneficial for students from South Africa.

IOU is an approved member of The Association of African Universities, International Council for Open and Distance Learning and many more international educational organizations.

Registration is currently open for the spring semester which begins on 1 March until 15 March 2017. For further information and registration details, visit IOU’s website:

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