Kwantu Private Game Reserve

So Kwantu Private Game Reserve is the ultimate destination of our 9 days road trip this holiday. We stayed in seven different accommodations along the way to Kwantu in Eastern Cape from Cape Town then vice versa.ย  I will post some of the other accommodations we went in this road trip the one I would recommend only ๐Ÿ™‚

We stayed for 2 nights in Kwantu, situated in Sydbury, between Port Elizabeth and Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. What an experience! We wish we could stay longer ๐Ÿ™‚

The cosy lobby and reception area.

Kwantu is a five star game and game lodge, a home to the big five and many other type of animals in a 6000 hectare nature reserve along the banks of Bushman’s river. A mere hour drive from Port Elizabeth. Most importantly, Kwantu is strictly halaal. In fact, one of the highlights of our stay and I am sure of everybody’s stay there was the food! Such delicious meals varied from Western food to Indians, with the most hospitable kitchen staff!

from top to bottom: top left: welcome platter. right: dessert creme bruille with a view. middle left: the braai buffet. right our gifts from Kwantu bottom left: chicken steak. right: Beef Steak

We felt most welcomed by the reception staff upon our arrival. The check in was a breeze. We were seated in the lobby and welcome drinks served quickly while the staff unloading our belonging into our room. And what a pleasure to received a welcome warm savaoury platter with whatever drinks/hot beverages we like… Ah.. I thought this is just the start… I couldn’t wait when dinner is served! We had a small orientation/tour on the property as to where we could “roam” and where it is off the reach (the are that can only be reached with the ranger).

Kwantu consists of three different types of accommodations.ย  Fromย  Pollard Inns hotel, to Lions View Villa, to luxury bush lodge.

In my opinion, for family, the most suitable one to stay is in the Pollard Inns hotel.ย  The Pollard Inns hotel hosts the dinner area, kiddies games area,ย  library, swimming pool, tennis and playground. The Lions View Villa is the most economical one, located close to animal rehabilitation centre, a distant walk from the dinner area. the luxurious lodge is located in the bush, near the hippo dam, away from the hotel. Although I didn’t check the lodge out, I would imagine the lodge is suitable for honeymooners or those who love privacy with no young children. Other facility is massage, shalaah room in the hotel and wi fi in the hotel lobby, game reserve day visit, wedding and conference facility and a volunteer program.

Luxurious bathroom in Pollard Inn

Our room in Pollard Inn hotel is a spacious luxurious heaven.ย  It consists of two queen bed and a sofa bed.ย  A welcome snacks and fruits was laid on the coffee table. The can drinks as well as water bottles in the fridge are all provided complimentary. So is the coffee and tea which we hardly used. As we usually get our hot beverages from the restaurant. The study desk is overlooking the big verendah.

We get monkey visitors on the verandah.

On our two nights stay, we were entitled to 3 game drives. The first game was the afternoon we arrived, as an introduction, for an hour. The second day we went for a three hours game drive in the morning followed with a walking tour to the animal rehabilitation center, a home to the captivity animals in rehabilitation. The last day we went for a two hour early morning drive.

Our experienced and knowledgeable ranger, Denisley took us to magical African land.ย  He managed to track most of the big five (other than leopard and buffalo) as well as other animals. It was such a feeling of tranquility and humbled to be so close to the animals in their own habitat. It makes me think how lucky these animal to be roaming free in their habitat and how zoo to me now feel a bit like “a prison” for the animals (in my opinion!). I just feel that the animal look so much more peaceful and not agitated and not frustrated in the wildlife.

Meeting groups of elephants and their baby in each of our drives is special.

Being this close to these majestic beauty was so precious.

Adding up to our African adventure, a performance of dance, singing, music, narrative and dialogue on Xhosa and Zulu culture were on in our first night arrival.ย  One of my boy went on the stage trying out on traditional drum. And me..? I went on the stage trying out Xhosa dance! Such a beautiful performance under African sky!

The kids chilled and mingled with other children in the play areas.

I mentioned about how delicious the foods were in the beginning! So, here’s what you are entitled to when you stay with Kwantu. The welcome snacks with the beverages. The breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in buffet style including desserts. Once dinner when there wasn’t many guests, we were asked for options of menu which served ala carte. High tea is served around 4 along with cold and hot beverages. Basically we were fed all the time in between our game drives and whole day. One more day we were staying there I am sure I would be 5 kgs heavier ๐Ÿ™‚ The kitchen staff were all very friendly and greeted my children by their names ๐Ÿ™‚

The kids were enjoying playing in the play area that equipped with tv, pool table, table tennis, dart, etc. Only one thing that the kids didn’t do was swimming as the water wasn’t crystal clear, although it’s still ok to swim.

I was informed that when in full occupancy, an imam is called for Jumuah/Friday prayer to the hotel. Otherwise the closest mosque will be in Grahamstown (a Khana in Rhodes University) or mosques in Port Elizabeth.

Til, next time Kwantu. You have stolen our hearts ๐Ÿ™‚

Kwantu Private Game Reserve

(Fully halaal – no alcohol served)

Kwantu Private Game Reserve, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Phone: +27 42 203 1400


PS:I would appreciate if you would mention my blog as referral when booking with the accommodations I reviewed on the blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. You are absolutely correct. Accommodation par excellence. We were also blessed to stay their twice in last year. The entire team of Kwantu really creates a memorable experience which simply begs one to return. Collards Inn is indeed luxurious but their Lions View Villas , although within walking distance from the dining facility does not scrimp on luxury either. We’ve enjoyed both those of accommodation. We will definitely be back this year.

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