Lemongrass Asian Cooking Class Teens and Adults Classes

The first teen cooking class was so much fun! I hope they learned a lot and love the dish! We made Roasted Chili & Cashew Nut Noodle.
They dished the noodle themselves in a noodle box to take home and a kit to practice at home consisting of the sauces and dried noodle. Some couldn’t resist to eat the noodle straight away… haha.. so if parents would like to taste it, they must make it tonight😊
I taught them how to use chopsticks too😊

They had some krupuk and noodle on krupuk for snack and homemade iced tea and water.

The looks at their faces showed it all!
Cooking should be fun, educational and exploring new tastebuds!
We had couple of fussy eaters at the class today, proud moment was when they said “hhmmmm this is nice!” When they tried the Roasted Chili & Cashew Nut Noodle in the class. I can’t help but beaming 😊
They learn to work in a team as well personal responsibility.

So today was the first class using the brand “Lemongrass Asian Cooking Class”.
Thx @yumis_inc._ for the complimentary mug, wooden spoon, chopping board with the new logo! And loved the logo printed on my uniform shirts!
Got the logo (made by my nephew) on the new canvas as well.
Thx hubs for the beautiful renovation to accommodate my cooking class💕
New logo, improved room and attributes 🙏🏻🍜👩🏼‍🍳

Back by popular demand.
To accommodate the teens class, I will host a class (but not in holiday though- it will be last teen class before Ramadaan).
Teens class.
Sat, 14 April 2018
At 3pm-5pm
Book now, slots limited and high demand.
DM or email lemongrass@halaalife.com

The Thai class for adults have proved to be very popular as well. All the Saturday classes before Ramadaan are fully booked. I am hosting an additional Thai Class during the weekday on the Tuesday, 8 May to accommodate those who can’t come on a Saturday 🙂



3 thoughts on “Lemongrass Asian Cooking Class Teens and Adults Classes”

  1. Slm sister Echi

    Could you please clarify, will your next adult class be on the 8th April per your blog or Tues 8th May as per the ad?


    1. Wasalam Sis,
      So sorry I was such in a rush! adult class that still available before Ramadaan is on Tuesday the 8 May. Let me know if you are keen then I cans end my bank deets

      1. 😊no problem. Yes pls Im interested in attending on the 8th May depending on the time and duration of the class. If not then your next available Saturday class pls.

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