Hi and assalamualaikum all,

I’ve been busy “brewing” some magic.  I’m proudly present the cooking class (re)name:

LEMONGRASS – Authentic Asian Cooking Class

Yup, so everything is still under halaalife.com but now the baby has finally got her name 😊

For all cooking class inquiry now you can email: lemongrass@halaalife.com

Why lemongrass? Coz many of Asian dishes included the super refreshing, citusy and aromatic herb: lemongrass that make them Asian flavor signature.

I am planning to hold a Teen Cooking Class this holiday. They are going to learn how to cook the popular Thai Roasted Chili Paste & Cashew Nut Noodle. They will bring home the cooked meal plus the key ingredients kit to practise to make the noodle at home. Contact me for inquiry.

The new lemongrass logo proudly made by my nephew the super talented @reyzabahfen.

Til next time.

Echi Ismail

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