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So Day Zero for Cape Town is a probability now and has been moved forward to 12 April’18.  Water crisis and Day Zero have been hot topics among Capetonians. Thank you to fellow Capetonians that have tried their best to save water. Although my heart aches knowing some of Capetonians that didn’t do much effort on saving water. I hope all of you my readers, have been trying hard to save water, to prolong the implementation of Day Zero as much as we can.

I posted an article Lets Save Water on April last year, when it was still Level 3B of Water Restriction.  This February 1, a Level 6B will be implemented, this means daily consumption per person per household has been cut to 50 liter.

Should Day Zero be a reality, the water will have to be collected at 200 Distribution Points.  I can’t even imagine how it would work. I sent an email of suggestion to the City of Cape Town (CoCT) with no luck. I suggested that instead of people have to collect water in Distribution Points, CoCT should provide service of delivering to each residence, the way of rubbish bin collections.

Anyway, here is some more tips on saving more water which my household have been practicing at the moment. Some ideas I’ve got from various sources.  If you are in FB, please join this useful  group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/watersheddingsa/   (please please, the members of this group have also been sharing useful information).

More tips on saving more water:

  • Spray “Dry Shampoo” for in between wash. I bought mine in Clicks and loving the beautiful aroma and how it immediately refreshes my hair.
  • I had a short hair cut to  save me from using too much water while washing my hair.
  • I take wudhu with spray bottle.
  • We use hand sanitizer for quick hand cleaning, when water hand wash is unnecessary.
  • Serve food in paper plates (when the food isn’t saucy dish). Biodegradable paper plates and cutlery are better for environment.  However, it’s a bit more costly then the ordinary paper plates.
  • Disposable wooden stirer is used instead of teaspoon for mixing sugar with liquid.
  • Going to my ” traditional root” with using reusable bamboo plate holder for plate over a banana leaf.  Should you have banana leaves in your garden, this is the time that you can use them for serving meals. The leaves will hold sauces dish. All you have to do is to wipe the leaves with a damp cloth. Banana leaves are widely used as a serving tool in Asia.
  • Use paper cups instead of glasses. Should we use glasses, we put names in each glass for one day-one glass policy.
  • As mentioned from my previous Save Water posting, the bucket  in the shower has saved us so much water. We use the gray water for flushing toilets, mop the tile floor, wash some clothes, etc.
  • First wet the scrubber with soap, lather with soap, then quick shower rinse.
  • Dish washer is a no no in our household now.
  • Towels and bedding are no longer weekly wash.
  • 2 minutes shower is a must in our household.

Next week plan to save more water:

  • Back to Indonesian traditional shower/mandi, with 2-3 liter water in the bucket, using a small bucket (or a yoghurt tub will do) as a tool to wet the body.
  • Buy an outdoor solar shower.
  • Buy water aerotor.
  • Buy a 5 Liter Pressure Sprayer should the Day Zero be implemented.

Please share our love for animals around us and please keep the environment green by reuse, reduce, recycle. Please also inform your domestic workers about the situation, as they may not be well informed by the CoCT.

I see Capetonians have started to stock 5L water bottles. At the moment, PNP has limited 10 bottles of 5L water per customers.  While Woolworths imposed a limit of 20 units of 5L bottles  per customer per day.

Should you, readers have more tips on saving water, please share with us.  More importantly let’s make dua that the beneficial rain will be granted towards our city.  Aameen.


Echi Ismail

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