Let’s Save Water

Assalamualaikum and hi all,

Alhamdulilah, Cape Town has been blessed with some rain/drizzling lately. Unfortunately rainfalls over parts of the city has not made any significant change to the low dam levels.  Although the rain has at least moisten the soil, feeding the thirsty plants a bit  and washed away some dust on the hard surface yards.

I quoted this info from Water Shedding Western Cape FB group:

URGENT : Cape Town’s water supply is down to its last 100 days, resulting in the municipality bringing forward its emergency supply schemes.

Consumers are urged to reduce their water usage to 100 litres per person per day to achieve targeted reduced consumption.

Rainfall over parts of the city will not materially change the low dam levels. Should dams reach below 10% of storage levels, a “lifeline” water supply will be implemented.

This will involve minimal supply pressure, intermittent supply, and very stringent restrictions. People in areas with low water pressure might have to get their water from tankers.

Today (4 Apri 2017) www.you.co.za article: “Dire Warning For Cape Town: The taps could really dry” quoted that:

“For the coming period to June, weather projections presented by the SA Weather Service are uncertain, since forecasts for the south-western Cape have a ‘no better than chance’ probability of occurring. If rains don’t return to normal levels in the next few months, the taps may indeed run dry.

The current low dam levels – 27.3% of storage capacity – The last 10% of a dam’s water is mostly unusable, so dam levels are effectively at only 17.3%.” Allsopp (a scientist at the SA Environmental Observation Network)  said.

This morning I’ve placed some buckets wishing to catch some rain water from the fine drizzling rain.  Unfortunately, there was almost no water in each buckets due to the fine drizzling. That just proves that even it rains, sometimes the volume of raindrops are very little. So, keep saving water even the rain has shyly pour our mother city… The thoughts of not getting enough of drinking water or won’t be able to flush our toilets are alarming.

I’d like to share some tips on saving water. We have successfully reduced our water consumption, resulting with each month our water bill has reduced more and more.

Tips On How To Save Water At Home:

  • Place a bucket under shower to capture some water while waiting for the warm water to come . Then use the water in the bucket to flush the toilet.
  • Switch off the water between soap up and rinsing. The same rule applies for teeth brushing.
  • Installed water efficient shower head.
  • Installed dual flush toilet (please noted the shower head and dual flush have been installed before the water crisis though).
  • Teach and remind the children to always use water wisely.
  • Use the grey water for watering the garden with a watering jug. or  for flushing urinal toilets.
  • Harvest the rain water by placing buckets to capture the rain.
  • Use the dish washer only when it’s in full capacity.
  • Use the washing machine when it’s in full capacity. Alternatively, use the quick wash options (if applicable in your washing machine).
  • Collect fresh spring water from Newlands brewery for drinking water purpose only. We have been collecting the spring water for years. We found that due to the drought, more people collectwater here. Yesterday a new rule applies that collection of water is restricted to 25 L per person.
  • Encourage others to save water.
  • Report the leakages as soon as you discover one. I was walking close to Cavendish mall one day, saw a small leakage close to a side parking. The parking attendance said it has been leaking from the day before. I took picture of the leakage meaning to report it to the municipality but just had to get my daughter quickly. When I came back to the scene, I saw two gentlemen was busy fixing the leakage and it’s actually sorted as they had some tools in their car! How, kudo to good deeds of these gentlemen that spent some time to just fix it at the spur of the moment 🙂 We need more of these goodwill deeds!
  • We cover and haven’t filled up our jacuzzi for months, still works though the water isn’t clear. For those who have swimming pool, please get pool covered.  To capture the rain water for your pool, find about about aqua pipes to be fixed to your drain pipes straight to your pool.
  • Since the drought is getting worse, we abide the when it’s yellow let it mellow rule in our en suite bathrooms then use the grey water to flush down. We however don’t apply this rule at our guests bathroom downstairs though.

FB groups to gain information on water saving and related issues:

  • Water Shedding Western Cape;
  • Smile Water Warriors. The later is initiated by Smile FM which has encouraged its listeners Waterless Wednesdays, a drive to use as little as or no water on Wednesdays.

In addition there are some companies that offering water save solutions, such as pool covers, rain tanks, aqua pipes, grey water recycling,  etc.

Currently, the City of Cape Town has implemented Level 3B Water Restrictions, effective from 1 February 2017 until further notice.

Water and Sanitation: Emergencies, accounts and general enquiries

0860 103 089



021 957 4726

 Let’s save water together! Do our bits 🙂



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