Making Memories in Asian Cooking Classes

So, this is one of the things that have keeping me busy and off blogging for a while 🙂 in a good way… Alhamdulillah the cooking classes has been taking so well. The cooking classes attendees and I had so much fun. So much pleasure walking the Asian culture that I have grown up with.

Either it’s Indonesian cuisines as the most cases are or the neigbouiring cuisines such as Singaporean Laksa etc they all enjoyed making and as well as eating it.

Lately I have added a private classes. Should you wish to have Couple Private  Cooking Lessons (R625 p/p) or Double Date (R525 p/p) or your choice of group of 8-12 (R400 p/p -perfect for kitchen tea, birthday, reunions etc).

Each of private groups and general group which will resume in February (also R400 p/p) you will get welcome drink and snacks, cook 2 main meals, which one will be dined in and the other main to take home, making dessert to enjoy with Asian teas. The class takes about 3 to 3 1/2 hours. Some key ingredients (affordable) are available for purchase after the class.

For couple and double date classes, cappuccino is included as well as customized settings and more gourmet platting as seen in pictures here.

Below is some of the pictures of the general hands-on cooking classes which will resume on February.

Here are some testimonials from the attendees. Some of the attendees have even become a regular each time of a new menu class.

“So over the weekend we got to try out @halaalifect cooking classes. I’ve never actually been to a cooking class outside of my mother’s kitchen so this was quite a nice experience! Echi from @halaalifect taught us how to make Indonesian #satays, and I must say, they were really #tasty! I love that her classes are so filled with her passion for her culture and #delicious food. She even has stock of some key ingredients you need to cook these amazing recipes, which you can buy after the lesson!
If you’re looking to extend your recipe book or just need a getaway from your family (lol) try this out! It’s R400 a lesson, usually about 3.5 hours. Including tea and drinks, and you get to eat your prepared dishes. Her premises is in Newlands. Feedback from her students was that they really enjoy it and some recipes have become family favourites!  (capetown_halaal)

“Attended one of her classes and I’m used to sitting in baking demo’s and was hugely impressed with her ability to teach. She really makes you get an idea of where her love of her country’s food comes from. Would recommend her classes to everyone.” (N Rhoda)


Here’s the menu for a Couple or a Private Group Asian cooking classes:
Menu 1 Javanese Kampoeng Fried Rice and Fried Noodle dishes:
Welcome 🍹 homemade Iced Lemon Tea and chicken satay cocktail.
Fried Noodle (chicken or seafood) with acar & krupuk (dine in)
Chicken Fried Rice and acar &krupuk (take away)
Dessert: Chocolate Banana Spring Roll with Asian Tea and Cappuccino.

Menu 2 Singapore and Indonesian Best of Both:
Welcome 🍹 homemade Singapore Sling and Savoury Martabak (minced curry and egg) cocktail
Singapore Prawn Laksa (Curried noodle soup) to dine in
Chicken Fried Rice & krupuk to take away
Dessert: Martabak Manis/Apem Balik (giant sweet pancake)

Menu 3 All Indonesian Satays:
Welcome 🍹 homemade Iced Lemon Tea and Sate Padang (Beef Curry Satay)
Lamb Satay with sweet soy sauce and krupuk and jasmine rice for dine in.
Chicken Satay with Peanut sauce and krupuk for take away.
Dessert: Banana Satays with Asian Tea and Cappuccino
PS: – a romantic setting for Couple cooking classes
– for those who have attended all classes and keen for private group/couple inquiry for new menu.

Come join me in the new year for authentic Asian cuisines classes. If you’d like to taste it first, come for lunch on the 20 Jan 2018 🙂 Book now 🙂



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