Morning Walk in Tulbagh with Her

Assalamualaikum and hi all…

Just wanna share some pictures on a lazy Sunday morning spent briefly in Tulbagh. A pretty town indeed…

It’s been a quite hectic months. I would like to post more regularly, In sha Allah. Now that the chaos of preparing my sons and hubby’ birthdays are over. Mind you, it was three months in a row. However there has been an agreement that no parties for next year! 

You see this pretty cat? This cat in the stoep of a B&B in Tulbagh was sooo friendly came over me for a pat. Speaking about cats, last week I found a lost tiny kitten. I was busy mothering the kitten until I finally found the owner. Shelley Sugar, our cat, wasn’t too impress to learn that a fur guest in the house 🙂 Well, for my human family, helping and caring for cats (and other animals) have just come natural.  In our deen we have been taught to care for animals, right.

I have also been busy preparing to host a ladies afternoon event. So excited about it, will post about it soon, IA.

Anyway, my daughter and I had a great girlie time, walking and taking pictures of this beautiful town, while the boys and hubby were busy looking at an antic car. I am so grateful, Alhamdulillah, to have a daughter, to share some girlie moments while the boys doing their boyish (boring manly) stuff! 🙂

Pretty museum in Tulbagh.

I have always admired historical/heritage buildings. Especially the Dutch colonial style. It reminded me of very few remaining Dutch colonial buildings in Indonesia.

pretty and quite historical Church St in Tulbagh.
My OOTD: a casual, relaxed outfit for a summer outing.

All my pictures by the way, was taken by her. She insisted that she must take lots of pictures of me. Plus now she offers an additional service to be my fashion photo stylist. Her favorite style for me and she insisted me to copy her was, me, stick my tongue out… hahahaa.. sorry, I can’t post it here 🙂

Have a great week, everyone.


Mum and daughter

4 thoughts on “Morning Walk in Tulbagh with Her”

    1. We didn’t see any. We made sholah in a mosque in Wellington as only waktu when we were in Wellington. Pls check on my previous lost of mosque blog, for mosques in western cape.

  1. Salaams,
    I just caught up on my mail and squeeled with delight when I saw this!! Masha Allah beautiful….We are planning a mother/daughter weekend trip to Tulbagh just to get away from the city hustle and bustle. Can you recommend a guesthouse in the Town area we planning on doing the whole bicycle/foot thing. Initially I thought we will have to go with self catering so we can prepare our own meals I doubt there is halal eating places but would welcome any recommendations.

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