Nasi Padang Class and Pics from Last Class

Hi and assalamualaikum all,

As requested, the Nasi Padang class with chicken Rendang will be on Sat, 3 March at 2pm in Newlands. Everyone welcome, new attendees welcome to halaalife Asian cooking class family 🙂 See poster for details of the menu 🙂 Book/inquiry:
Your payment secure the booking. Limited spots, booking is opened now.

The very next class will be the Nasi Uduk Class:

Finally, pics from last week Soto Ayam class 🙂

Banana leave over biodegradable paper plates are the new normal at the class now. Well, at less until the water crisis is over! Your brothers or hubby or male friend are welcomed at the class! Men brought different dynamic to the class! For example when my hubby forgot to connect the gas tank to the stove or to help carry something heavy 🤣😂
Great to have the cooking class back again, meeting up regular foodies and welcoming new comers to the halaalife family.
Happy cooking, halaalife family 🙂
Echi Ismail

2 thoughts on “Nasi Padang Class and Pics from Last Class”

  1. Aslm My name is Faaiedah Hajwanie. I cannot make it for your class in March but would like to attend the next one inshallah. let me know when the next cooking class will be Shukran

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