Nice N Spicy

If you feel like yummy, quality Durban curries, you have to try Nice N Spicy. Nice and Spicy is a take away eatery, situated in Caltex garage, Belvedere Rd. You can first order by phone and collect, although when we came to the shop and ordered, the food came quite fast. However, maybe a phone order or call just to find out if they are open might be a good idea. I read in their facebook page, that as they cook fresh every day, sometimes the food is finished before their closing time.

Don’t be surprised if you could smell the nicest aroma of curry leaves as soon as you enter the shop… quite appealing aroma… so I suggest while you are waiting for the order, try some of those delicious samosas (R6) to satisfy your carving for the delish aroma… they are just divine and fresh.

So far we have tried the lamb curry (R90) which was in such generous portion, that the portion would suffice for two ladies or a woman and a child 🙂 However you need to buy basmati rice (R15) or roti (R10) separately, as side is not included in the curries menu.

My kids enjoyed the chicken Bunny Chows 1/4 bun for R70 and 1/2 bun for R130.  Last time hubby enjoyed the Lamb Salomi (Medium R70 – Large R90). The curries, chows and salamies come in lamb, chicken and beans/veg versions.

There are homemade burgers range from R50 to R60 which I haven’t tried yet. Plus Subs (pulled masala beef R60).

Special menus are available from Wednesday to Saturday.  Specific lunch specials available every day from 12-3 pm only.

It stated that all food is halaal.  Although no halaal certification to be seen.

It’s a pity I’ve finished cooking for supper now, since writing this post made me crave for some more of Nice N Spicy deliciousness! I should order tomorrow 😉

Nice N Spicy

Caltex garage, Belvedere Rd, Claremont

Opening Hours: Tuesday- Saturday: 12 pm-8pm

083 770 3024

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