Oudtshoorn Inn Hotel

Nestled in the heart of the Little Karoo region, laid Oudtshoorn, the ostrich capital of the world, the home of Cango Caves.  There’s something fascinating about this town, which seemed to remain in the seventies. So I’m glad we stayed in Oudtshoorn Inn Hotel which retains their seventies style beautifully.

A 70s building in Oudtshoorn.

Hubs told me that he remembered he stayed in this hotel which was Holiday Inn when he was  a child. And the hotel is exactly what he remembers it from his visit in the seventies.

I felt that I was transformed to my childhood charm. The hotel room featuring two double beds, which perfectly fit our young family.  A flat tv and modern air conditioner brought as to the “now” era in the middle of seventies feel in the room.  I was thinking that they should have made their seventies style as their selling point and changed their name to Seventies Inn or something, seriously 🙂

The view of the room balcony taken from the garden side.

The sliding door led to a balcony with stunning greenery view and the pool.  We stayed in the second floor.  I had a thing with a lift, especially an old lift, so most of the time I just took a stair up one level 🙂

We should have asked for the ground floor room, which has direct access to the lawn, pool and the restaurant. Certainly more enjoyable for the kids to play around.

The view of the garden, pool and restaurant from our room.
The room.
Amazed with the seventies bathroom which is well maintained.
halaal breakfast

The breakfast is a surprise as they are fully halaal. Therefore we could enjoy the hot breakfast! I wasn’t sure if they were fully halaal at the first place as informed by the waiter and the receptionist as I read in the website in one of the page stated “Wine and Dine”. However as I checked the restaurant menu, there wasn’t any alcohols in the menu. Oh well, maybe it’s a website caption error. However do check if you decide to dine/breakfast there if they are halaal. As I haven’t seen a halal certification.

Put put in the seventies garden

The highlight for the children when we stayed in Oudtshoorn was definitely the complimentary put put  and some resident cats in the garden 🙂 Tennis court is also available for the guests.  The hotel hosts conference, parties and corporate functions too.

Well, next time you are in Oudsthoorn and would like to stay and transform to the oldies , consider to book here 🙂

Oudtshoorn Inn Hotel

Cnr Baron van Reede & van der Riet Streets, Oudsthoorn, South Africa

Telephone Number:
044 279 1300
044 279 1296



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