Outspan Seafood Restaurant, Kalk Bay

Latest Update: their kitchen is remained halaal. They don’t sell alcohol. However guests are welcomed to bring their alcohol. Meaning they are not strictly halaal any longer.

Slms and hi all,

So a good some times ago, my friend and I went for a drive to Kalk Bay.  At the spur of the moment I thought great, then we can try out Outspan Restaurant that recently converted into fully halaal eatery.  It’s a great choice for that side of the world as halaal eateries with no alcohol in the premises are scarce in that area. We have passed Outspan in one or two weekends but it looked so full all the time  so glad that I could try it out for early lunch midweek.

Outspan is located in the prime position of main road, Kalk Bay, right opposite Kalk Bay harbour,  you would hardly miss it, with plenty of parking behind it .

The interior is casual and simple with white marque  with a touch of marine blue.  I ordered their Catch of the  Day 3 prawns, calamari, line fish, salad and rice/chips (R135). The food is prepared on the grill/braai and the food came fast.

There are ribs at their limited menu too, maybe next time I’ll try when in the area again.

Outspan Restaurant

Main Road, corner of Clairvaux Rd and M4 Kalk Bay.

(072) 5810215

6 thoughts on “Outspan Seafood Restaurant, Kalk Bay”

  1. Salaam Echi, wish we could say the same. We went twice to Outspan, and on both occasions, they could not comply. Whenever we in Kalk Bay, we want to have the local favorite SNOEK, yellow tail or hake.
    You really don’t want to eat meat at a well known fish market / seaside town, that has such wonderful fresh fish to offer. We ended up at our old favorite, Kalkies, on the harbour. Comes highly recommended. Just ask for Aunty Gadija, very friendly and pleasant little old local lady. PS. Beer and alcohol sold on site.

    1. wasalam Nawawie, thanks for the feedback. Yeah we have been to Kalkies and loved it. Unfortunately I only post fully halaal eateries on the blog, therefore can’t post where alcohol is still on the premises. I posted Outspan as some people asked me for fully halaal in that side.

  2. This might just be my personal opinion, but I won’t eat there 🙂 Not for anything other than this building used to be a public bathroom…
    I mean each to their own…. but yeah, I’d never eat there.

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