OOTD for itrend itv Interview

Assalamualaikum and hi all,

I had an opportunity to be interviewed for itrend itv DSTV channel 347 on Thursday morning. As itv studio is in Joburg, I had to do skype live for the interview.

It was my first experience on skype live interview. Well, there’s always the first time for everything, right? Continue reading OOTD for itrend itv Interview

Simply India Foreshore

Last night my family and I had a pleasant dining experience in recently opened Simply India, in Foreshore (another branch is in Hout Bay market).  The restaurant is located right next to Park Inn Hotel Foreshore. There are parking lots in and around Simply India. While it’s not  occupying  a big space,  the setting is intimate and authentic. I love the lighting, the setting and the candlelit on the tables. There are 3 large tables and some high tables and chairs. Continue reading Simply India Foreshore

Let’s Save Water

Assalamualaikum and hi all,

Alhamdulilah, Cape Town has been blessed with some rain/drizzling lately. Unfortunately rainfalls over parts of the city has not made any significant change to the low dam levels.  Although the rain has at least moisten the soil, feeding the thirsty plants a bit  and washed away some dust on the hard surface yards.

I quoted this info from Water Shedding Western Cape FB group:

URGENT : Cape Town’s water supply is down to its last 100 days, resulting in the municipality bringing forward its emergency supply schemes.

Consumers are urged to reduce their water usage to 100 litres per person per day to achieve targeted reduced consumption.

Rainfall over parts of the city will not materially change the low dam levels. Should dams reach below 10% of storage levels, a “lifeline” water supply will be implemented.

This will involve minimal supply pressure, intermittent supply, and very stringent restrictions. People in areas with low water pressure might have to get their water from tankers.

Continue reading Let’s Save Water

Styled UP FAIR

Assalamualaikum and hi all….

Have you secured your seats yet for the upcoming Styled UP FAIR event?

I promise that  you will be treated to lots of fun “me time”. I would love to meet as many as halaalife readers there!

Currently there is a competition running in FB page : halaalife.com. The lucky lady will get the free entry plus 2 vouchers of cappuccino from Mista Barista. Continue reading Styled UP FAIR

Easy Parker House Rolls

Another easy bread recipe that never fails me. Parker House Rolls is originally from the US. I watched a chef in Food Network a good couple years ago making this rolls. Apologize that I can’t quote the original chef as I couldn’t even remember his name. The unique about this Parker House Rolls recipe is that no kneading process is required at all. I think by far, this is the easiest rolls recipe I have ever baked, yet it’s so yummy. I usually pair the rolls with easy chicken or soup. Continue reading Easy Parker House Rolls

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