Indonesian Steamed Cupcakes (Bolu Kukus)

There are many recipes of Bolu Kukus, a traditional Indonesian steamed cupcakes out there. This particular recipe doesn’t require eggs nor soda water and no electric mixer needed.  Many finds Bolu Kukus is a tricky to make. Therefore I would strongly recommend this recipe to get the fluffy texture plus to get the Bolu Kukus crack on top. Or as they call it the Bolu Kukus must “smile” 🙂 Continue reading Indonesian Steamed Cupcakes (Bolu Kukus)

Ocean View Penthouse, Strand

The sunken lounge – sunset view

Nestled in the prime Beach Rd, Strand (Western Cape), Ocean View Penthouse is a touch of luxury, comfy and style.  The amazing (almost) 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains, ie. Table Mountain and Gordon’s Bay mountains and the view of the beach are first class. No matter what time of the day and night, the view is just breathtaking!

The balcony offering a stunning view of the oceans and mountains – sunrise view

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Tiramisu (Non Alcoholic)

Tiramisu, the popular Italian dessert is mostly made with kahlua or other liquer. Surprisingly, when I made a little research on tiramisu, initially, the traditional tiramisu (1960s) was made with no liquor.

I’ve found this recipe many years ago, can’t remember the resources. The recipe has been changed and adapted especially in liquor part to be non alcoholic. Continue reading Tiramisu (Non Alcoholic)

Compassion To The Needy

Assalamualaikum and hi all..

Alhamdulillah we’ve been blessed with a little bit of rain and cooler weather. It’s always nice to snuggle in bed with warm blankets and heater/fire around, when it’s cold, windy and rainy at night, isn’t it? How many of us, feeling so grateful that we are safe, warm at home sweet home but at the same time thinking about the less fortunate out there? They are maybe homeless or living in shacks that certainly not weatherproof?

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