Tiramisu (Non Alcoholic)

Tiramisu, the popular Italian dessert is mostly made with kahlua or other liquer. Surprisingly, when I made a little research on tiramisu, initially, the traditional tiramisu (1960s) was made with no liquor.

I’ve found this recipe many years ago, can’t remember the resources. The recipe has been changed and adapted especially in liquor part to be non alcoholic. Continue reading Tiramisu (Non Alcoholic)

Compassion To The Needy

Assalamualaikum and hi all..

Alhamdulillah we’ve been blessed with a little bit of rain and cooler weather. It’s always nice to snuggle in bed with warm blankets and heater/fire around, when it’s cold, windy and rainy at night, isn’t it? How many of us, feeling so grateful that we are safe, warm at home sweet home but at the same time thinking about the less fortunate out there? They are maybe homeless or living in shacks that certainly not weatherproof?

Continue reading Compassion To The Needy

The Canvas Coffee Mug

I’ve known the sisters behind the Bread Basket since they sent me samples of their home based freshly baked breads couple months ago. So when they informed me that they’ve opened a Saturday cafe in St Kilda Rd,  Crawford, inside an art studio, I was keen to try their Saturday treats, namely the Canvas Coffee Mug. Continue reading The Canvas Coffee Mug

Mugg & Bean Kenilworth Centre

I’ve been anticipating the opening of Mugg & Bean Kenilworth Centre for quite a while, and excited that I’ve finally tried it out. Mugg & Bean KC is halaal certified (MJC Halaal Trust). Last time I had Mugg & Bean was a good couple of years ago when Mugg & Bean halaal certified store was still opened in Van Gate Mall. Continue reading Mugg & Bean Kenilworth Centre

3 Degrees Ice Cream Emporium

Cappuccino, ice cream, churros and ice cream.

Last school holiday I took the kiddies to try out 3 Degrees Ice Cream Emporium which recently opened in Belvedere Rd. First impression that the shop is spacious, cheery with clean look. The colorful ice cream on displays has got to contribute on the cheery atmosphere around the shop. Continue reading 3 Degrees Ice Cream Emporium

Siomay Bandung (Dimsum ala Bandung)

Siomay derived from China, Shumai, a stuffed dumpling type of dim sum. Chinese Shumai filling is made from non halaal meat, thus in Indonesia it’s substituted with mix of minced prawn/fish and chicken. In Bandung, West Java, siomay containing a minced fish and chicken filling in wonton wrapper served with filled egg, filled tofu, potato, cabbage and bitter gourd (paria). Siomay is served with peanut sauce, a squished of lime  and Kecap Manis (Indonesian sweet soy sauce).

Siomay is usually eaten as a snack, breakfast or light lunch. Continue reading Siomay Bandung (Dimsum ala Bandung)

Saddles Steak Ranch, Belville

So, we’ve finally got a chance to try out the fully halaal family steak restaurant in the northern suburb of Bellville, Saddles Steak Ranch Bellville.

We were all happy with the food. The Saddle Ribs with sweet sticky baste (Ladies size 400 gr R129,95) that I ordered was perfectly seasoned and saucy. The portions was all generous. I like the crispy onion rings. Continue reading Saddles Steak Ranch, Belville

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