Modest Tropical Sarong OOTD

IMG_0551Last Saturday I was in Thailand for a day, well, it felt like it 🙂 I was transported from Gordon’s Bay to Thailand,  in a beautiful spa garden, Mukda Thai Spa. This outfit helped me to feel more in Asia. Perfect for modest summer wear.  I mixed the trendy monochrome tropical sarong with a cool white top. Continue reading Modest Tropical Sarong OOTD



Sukiyaki is one of Japanese hot pot dishes that is popular in other part of Asia. Sukiyaki is prepared (cooked) and served in the Japanese style hot pot. Even when you dine Sukiyaki in a restaurant, you need to cook it yourself. The waiter will prepare the hot pot for you on your table and leave you with all the raw stuffs and condiment… Then you and your company have to cook it together and help yourself. It’s actually very relaxing and appetizing experience. Continue reading Sukiyaki

Kebaya at the Indonesia’s Independence Day

We were invited to  the Diplomatic Reception of Indonesia’s Independence Day at the Kevin Grove last night.  I’ve mentioned from previous posting that kebaya is worn in a formal celebration such as diplomatic reception and Independence Day. I’m proud to present  you a photo-essay of the beautiful cultures of Indonesia. Continue reading Kebaya at the Indonesia’s Independence Day

Myatt Cafe & Chocolatier


Myatt Cafe and Chocolatier’s decor and the crockery are very pretty, very Parisian.  It’s situated in the upper level of V&A Waterfront, close to Table Bay Hotel entrance. Away from the lower level hustle and bustle. The ambiance and the dainty crockery are of the same level of 5 star hotel’s cafe to my opinion.

“The waiters in many occasions confirmed us that the food is all halaal and no alcohol is in the premise.  The manager in our email correspondence confirmed that they are halaal certified. However after further checked, the halaal statement wasn’t certified by SA halaal authorities rather by an Imam of a mosque.  The Mary Chocolate that they imported from Belgium, although Myatt doesn’t import the liquor ones,  offers liquor chocolates  overseas.  Wallahualam Bisawab.”

Continue reading Myatt Cafe & Chocolatier

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