Tips on Growing Mung Bean Sprouts At Home

IMGP0065Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Korean, Vietnamese are cuisines that commonly used Mung Bean Sprout. Mung Bean Sprout or Toge in Indonesian, can be eaten raw as required for some dishes, as in Phad Thai from Thailand and Karedok (Sundanese-Indonesian salad). Mung bean sprout can also be lightly boiled for condiment in Indonesian dishes of soto (like curried soup) or in gado-gado (another Indonesian salad). It can also be stir fried as for fried noodle dishes, or as a part of Japanese Sukiyaki.

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Macaroni Schotel

IMG_0210Macaroni Schotel is a popular dish in Indonesian wedding or other functions buffet.  During Dutch occupation, the dish was introduced to Indonesians which explains why its name is “Schotel” (meaning Dish).  The dish has been adjusted to Indonesian culinary so it has probably different taste with its “cousin” Macaroni Casserole from Europe. In Indonesia alone, the filling can be varied from minced beef, smoked beef, corned beef, etc. This is my version of Macaroni Schotel. Continue reading Macaroni Schotel

Kebaya, National Dress of Indonesia

Kebaya, is Indonesian national dress. It is worn with batik/ikat sarong/kain. Kebaya is originally costum from Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese ethnics that is elevated to National Dress of Indonesia.  Indonesia itself has 300 ethnic groups, each has their own richly traditional customs. I will further elaborate it in another post, In sha Allah.

Here, kebaya is worn with kain ikat.

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Martabak Telur (Curried Minced Beef & Eggs Filling in Spring Rolls Pastry )

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Martabak, from Arabic word:   مطبق  (meaning folded).  Martabak widely found in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Yemen, Singapore and Brunei. Depending on the country, each has different name and different filling. I remember I tried martabak in Mecca, it taste quite different compare to Indonesian one.

There are two dish that called martabak in Indonesia, one referring to this martabak, hence it is called Martabak Telur, in English, literally means, Eggs Martabak due to the eggs filling, otherwise, the right English grammar should be, Savoury Martabak… (ehem..look who is lecturing grammar..:-) Continue reading Martabak Telur (Curried Minced Beef & Eggs Filling in Spring Rolls Pastry )

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