Alhambra Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Egg Benedicts Served with Spiced Beef, spinach and Salad

If you feel like delicious, fully halaal breakfast next time you are in Rondebost East area, look no further then Alhambra Restaurant & Coffee Shop.  It is situated in a grand, modern setting of Academia Centre, Islamia College in the same complex with Islamia mosque. Continue reading Alhambra Restaurant & Coffee Shop

Exercising in a Modest Outfit

We all know that exercising is the key to our wellness. One must just find her favorite exercise so that it doesn’t  become a burden. It must be something that you look forward to.


My favorite exercise? definitely dancing! I love going to my groove hip hop class at the gym. But generally all types of dancing, really! I am about to sign up for an adult ballet class. It all began when I watched my princess in her ballet performance, I yearned to test my childhood ballet skills. You probably wondering what type of outfit I would wear? For the dancing class or any other class at the gym I would wear a long harem exercise pants, long sleeves shirts and a little exercise headband for my head. What about ballet class? I would perhaps, wear a long tight with my ballet skirt and a long sleeves shirt. Continue reading Exercising in a Modest Outfit

Instant Pancake? Make your Sunday morning even easier

Instant Snowflake Pancake with Strawberry Compote

Pancake is one of my munchkins’ favorites for Sunday breakfast. As my motto is  easy and efficient in the kitchen, I always stock some instant flour mixes on my cupboard. That way, I can whip something quickly  but freshly from the oven. Nothing can beat the smell of fresh bake in the kitchen.  Cheating? nope, I think you need to be smart in time management when you have kids and smart in choosing  good products for your culinary experience.

Instant Pancake Mix from Snowflake is often my choice. It is affordable, delish and halaal certified. I followed exactly the instructions on the label. Then I fried the pancake in a heart shaped frying pan.

While I was waiting for half an hour as per label instructions, I cut off strawberries to make a warm and healthy strawberry compote.

You can pour the compote over pancake, waffle, ice cream, french toast, you name it. Continue reading Instant Pancake? Make your Sunday morning even easier

Guests Attires in an Indonesian Wedding

IMG_2974In Indonesia, wedding is always a big affair. Often we find relatives of brides and grooms wear similar or uniform kebaya (traditional custome). This was my nephew’s wedding. My sister and cousins were wearing modified kebaya as ninety percent of us hijab compliant. The top/kebaya were made from beautiful French brocade lined with plain inner fabric. We were wearing an uniform traditional batik fabric wrapped  like a tight skirt or sarong. Alhamdulilah our batik and brocade were given by my nephew and his bride 🙂 We were so spoiled, a dedicated team (again paid by the bride and groom) doing our make up and hijab. Continue reading Guests Attires in an Indonesian Wedding

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