Kebaya, National Dress of Indonesia

Kebaya, is Indonesian national dress. It is worn with batik/ikat sarong/kain. Kebaya is originally costum from Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese ethnics that is elevated to National Dress of Indonesia.  Indonesia itself has 300 ethnic groups, each has their own richly traditional customs. I will further elaborate it in another post, In sha Allah.

Here, kebaya is worn with kain ikat.

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Martabak Telur (Curried Minced Beef & Eggs Filling in Spring Rolls Pastry )

View the short video on how to make Martabak Telur at: FB page


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Martabak, from Arabic word:   مطبق  (meaning folded).  Martabak widely found in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Yemen, Singapore and Brunei. Depending on the country, each has different name and different filling. I remember I tried martabak in Mecca, it taste quite different compare to Indonesian one.

There are two dish that called martabak in Indonesia, one referring to this martabak, hence it is called Martabak Telur, in English, literally means, Eggs Martabak due to the eggs filling, otherwise, the right English grammar should be, Savoury Martabak… (ehem..look who is lecturing grammar..:-) Continue reading Martabak Telur (Curried Minced Beef & Eggs Filling in Spring Rolls Pastry )

Tips on Long Haul Flights With Young Children


If you’d read my post on Staycation at Luxurious Apartment in Cape Town, you would probably recall that my family and I visit our Indonesian family annually [lets hope it will stay annually.. pls hubby..?  😉

Years ago, the flight duration used to be shorter  as we used to fly SQ and MAS. Roughly it took around 11-13 hrs from CT to Sing  or KL, then 1-2 hrs from Sing/KL to Jakarta.  Sadly, MAS has stopped  its CT route and SQ’s ticket is ridiculously expensive in the holiday seasons.  So we switched to more affordable Qatar Airways or Emirates Airlines. That means longer route. Roughly around 9 hours CT- Doha/Dubai and another 9 hour to Jakarta. Plus transit times and checking times etc, approximately takes about 30 hrs from our  CT’s bed to Jakarta’s bed. Continue reading Tips on Long Haul Flights With Young Children

Six of KAUAI Stores are No Longer Halaal


Some Changes in KAUAI

KAUAI has made some changes, among others, re-branding, changes in menus, new concept stores and… some stores are no longer HALAAL!

The “no longer halaal” part was quite disappointing for me. However Alhamdulillah, I learn that most of Kauai stores are still Halaal. Continue reading Six of KAUAI Stores are No Longer Halaal

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