Guests Attires in an Indonesian Wedding

IMG_2974In Indonesia, wedding is always a big affair. Often we find relatives of brides and grooms wear similar or uniform kebaya (traditional custome). This was my nephew’s wedding. My sister and cousins were wearing modified kebaya as ninety percent of us hijab compliant. The top/kebaya were made from beautiful French brocade lined with plain inner fabric. We were wearing an uniform traditional batik fabric wrapped  like a tight skirt or sarong. Alhamdulilah our batik and brocade were given by my nephew and his bride 🙂 We were so spoiled, a dedicated team (again paid by the bride and groom) doing our make up and hijab. Continue reading Guests Attires in an Indonesian Wedding

Modest Fashion


I am not a fashionista whatsoever, so whatever I post in Hijabi Fashion it’s just my expression of what I wear as a muslimah.  I have been wearing hijab since 2002, In sha Allah will always try to dress modestly anywhere, anytime, yet fashionably.

I am also not a person that shops a lot just because you want to follow the trend! So you will see I will reuse and rematch a lot, the key is creativity 🙂 Creativity is also needed to find the right fit for my figure (ehem.. I am quite short even for Indonesian standard) and my age (ehem..again… I am in my early forties). Continue reading Modest Fashion

Green Bean and Minced Beef Stir Fry


This one meal dish is perfect for easy midweek supper. Chinese cuisine has been integrated to Indonesian’s since Chinese migrated to Indonesia in the early 15th century. Rest assured that all Chinese, Japanese and any cuisine I cook is using halaal substitution ingredients. For example if a recipe calls for white wine I would replace it with white grape juice or lemon juice.

Soy sauce and oyster sauce are two basic sauces for Asian cooking, so stock them in your kitchen for easy stir fry like this. Don’t forget to check for halaal signs on any sauce you buy… Continue reading Green Bean and Minced Beef Stir Fry

Kikkoman & Yamasa (Japanese) Soy Sauces Contain Alcohol

I have only found out in recent years that Kikkoman and Yamasa soy sauces contain alcohol. Kikkoman and Yamasa are Japanese soy sauces that are widely used in all Japanese food preparation as opposed to Chinese Soy Sauce. Japanese soy sauce has a distinctive flavor that if you are used to authentic Japanese, you would recognize if your dish is not made with Japanese soy sauce.  Kikkoman and Yamasa are also used for sushi condiment along with pickled ginger and wasabi. Continue reading Kikkoman & Yamasa (Japanese) Soy Sauces Contain Alcohol

Bismillah Restaurant


For a girl that have never tried Indian food in Indonesia, I have actually developed a fondness of Indian food since moving to Cape Town. I think it’s because Indian food is one of the closest to my Indonesian palate.

My favorite authentic Indian Restaurant currently is Bismillah Restaurant. Please note that they are Halaal certified.  They have two branches in Cape Town, one in Belgravia Rd, Athlone and one is in Gatesville and if I am not mistaken they used to have a branch in Sea Point Main Road. I have also once tried one of their Jburg branch. I like going to their new Belgravia Road branch though. Continue reading Bismillah Restaurant

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