Sausage Saloon, Canal Walk

Finally I’ve got to try my old favorite Corn Dog in Sausage Saloon, Canal Walk as it’s halaal certified! Yeay…

Sausage Saloon in Canal Walk by far is my fave gourmet hot dog! Expect nice fresh rolls and lots and lots of complimentary sauces and toppings of your choice.

Corn Dog and Coke R29.

My daughter loves the Sliced Russian and Chips (R29). There are some combo meals ranged from R29-R55.  While the Monster Hot Dogs (40 cm) ranged from R32- R39. The lamb, chicken, wors and Russians ranged from R35-R40.

Overall, we love the gourmet taste of the Sausage Saloon, Canal Walk. Please note this review is only applied for the Canal Walk branch as it has obtained halaal certification. Please check the halaal certification of other branches.

Sausage Saloon Canal Walk (Halaal certified NIHT)

Shop FC002, Food Court, Canal Walk, Century City

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