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Nigiro Tea Merchant

Nigiro pot

“When tea is mixed with the correct energy, the correct temperature, the appropriate infusion time and the right state of mind, all of its wonders and glories are unlocked.” (Mingwei Tsai)

One morning I had my first tea tasting experience, thanks to Nigiro Tea Merchant and O’ways Teacafe owners, Mingwei and Lisa Tsai. 

The interview with Mingwei and the tea tasting certainly were very inspiring and refreshing. It made me really appreciate how a cup of tea has came from a lengthy process starting from picking up tea leaves and served up on our tables. Continue reading Nigiro Tea Merchant

Three Cup Chicken


I got a special visit from a friend and halaalife blog follower, Jasmine Lin, a Taiwanese-South African in my kitchen. She showed me how to cook a classic Taiwanese dish, called Three Cup Chicken.

It doesn’t take a lot of ingredients, but you need to get the right ingredients to achieve the authentic flavour. All ingredients here are halaal.

Jasmine and I in my kitchen sharing our Asian roots.

                                           Continue reading Three Cup Chicken

Hainanese Chicken Rice


Hainanese Chicken Rice  or Nasi Ayam Hainan is a comfort food for my family plus it’s very nutritious. It always reminds me of holidays in Singapore and KL. You would find Chicken Rice in restaurants to food hawkers anywhere there. There are two versions of chicken rice, one with roasted chicken, the other one is steamed chicken. I would share the roasted and simplified chicken  rice version as it’s my favorite! Continue reading Hainanese Chicken Rice