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Easy Parker House Rolls

Another easy bread recipe that never fails me. Parker House Rolls is originally from the US. I watched a chef in Food Network a good couple years ago making this rolls. Apologize that I can’t quote the original chef as I couldn’t even remember his name. The unique about this Parker House Rolls recipe is that no kneading process is required at all. I think by far, this is the easiest rolls recipe I have ever baked, yet it’s so yummy. I usually pair the rolls with easy chicken or soup. Continue reading Easy Parker House Rolls



My family loves donuts. If you’ve seen my Krispy Kreme posting that you would have probably guessed it 🙂

I have got this recipe from Sunday Times a good couple years ago. A recipe of Chef Rudi Liebenberg, Sunday Times Chef of the Year 2012. I use a knead tool in my mixer to mix the dough. This recipe never failed me. The donuts come out very soft and moist, just like a good store donuts. Continue reading DONUTS