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Cinnabon (Cavendish Square Branch)

My first experience with this inviting cinnamon aroma of Cinnabon was when I performed umrah over a decade ago in Medina. When Cinnabon opened their doors in South Africa, I was excited! I used to buy Cinnabon in Canal Walk branch. Then came Cavendish Square branch! Yeay.. closer to home…. I have been waiting until Cavendish Square halaal certification was ready because this post is based on the Cavendish Square branch. So last time I bought from them, I saw MJC halaal certificate was on the wall. Continue reading Cinnabon (Cavendish Square Branch)

Decadent Delights Bake Shop

Have you tried Decadent Delights Bake Shop goodies in Kenilworth Centre? You won’t miss the kiosk, it’s on the ground floor, with cheerful balloons and pretty pink polkadot counters.

Decadent Delights started off as home-based baker business, then the kiosk in KC opened two years ago.  Everything is strictly halaal there, as confirmed by the friendly Muslim couple who own the shop, Shameez and Nathier. They explained that only real fresh cream is used. Beacon chocolate is used as it is halaal certified. The owners buy their meats for savouries either at the Busy Corner or Pickers halaal butcheries.   Continue reading Decadent Delights Bake Shop

Serabi Kinca (Indonesian pancake with coconut palm sugar sauce)

Serabi or surabi is Indonesian pancake, traditionally fried in a special round clay pan on traditional charcoal clay stove. I still remember vividly how I used to make this serabi in traditional way when I was around 6, first dessert I have ever made! So I guess my passion of cooking and baking started from making serabi 🙂 Continue reading Serabi Kinca (Indonesian pancake with coconut palm sugar sauce)

Crazy Cream

Crazy Cream

We were driving seeking for ice cream one Sunday afternoon in Sea Point Main Road. Passed some established ice cream parlors, saw the queues were crazy. Hubby and I are pretty much the same in term of disliking a long queue for food… (actually for anything really, but some things are unavoidable, like the DHA queue…ouccchhh) Continue reading Crazy Cream

Martabak Manis Teflon (Indonesian Pancake)


So, couple weeks ago, I interviewed Nick Molodysky from Masak Masak Dengan Nick on the blog’s Voice of the Cape radio show. Nick is an Australian that speaks Indonesian fluently and cooks Indonesian well.  In the interview, he shared with us his martabak manis teflon recipe. After watching his youtube channel I tried his recipe in my kitchen. wow… it’s perfect! Continue reading Martabak Manis Teflon (Indonesian Pancake)

Banana Chocolate Spring Roll


Pisang Coklat or Banana Chocolate Spring Roll is a popular dessert at Asian restaurants in South Africa.  You can make it at home very easily and quickly in a fraction of a restaurant price.

It’s a firm favorite for my kiddies and their friends as well. Originally in Asia we just eat it as is. However an ice cream on the side is the popular way restaurants serve it in South Africa.

I have made a short video how to make it. Please view it at halaalifect Instagram or halaalife.com FB page. Continue reading Banana Chocolate Spring Roll

Peppermint Crisp Pudding (less sweet)


This is a reconstructed Peppermint Crisp Pudding recipe, a typical South Africa dessert. I am not sure if Caramel Treat and Peppermint Crisp Chocolate are available in other parts of the world, though.  But I am sure with a bit of creativity, you can think for substitutions.  Very easy to prepare, no bake and yummy. Continue reading Peppermint Crisp Pudding (less sweet)