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Thai Saap Eatery+Shop

It was by a chance I discovered this authentic, halaal certified eatery, Thai Saap, on my first visit to Parrow Centre.  Thai Saap is located on the second floor, close to the food court.

I was just so glad to  experience a totally authentic Thai, from the staff to the food, to the ingredients they sell. Continue reading Thai Saap Eatery+Shop

Boerie Express

In our excursion to Readers Warehouse and to Builders Warehouse in Tokai, we’ve found this new clean brightly orange kiosk Boerie Express. Thought I would just check it out if they are halaal.. yeay yippie, they are even halaal certified.¬† So, here my Sunday mid-morning snack was sorted as the boys would be hungry when they finished the kickboxing lessons! Continue reading Boerie Express


Mango Lassu R18.90) and Lamb Sheekh Kebab

So I’m glad that I came across this fully halaal eateries in N1 City, one of few fully halaal eateries in Northern Suburb, Tikkaways.

This casual eatery is perfect if you’d like to grab something quickly as Tikkaways offered “On The Go” menu of which all curries are ready to dish. As well as “Made on Request” curries.

Continue reading tikkaways

Kahvé Road

Pineapple, Strawberry, Orange and Mint Fresh Juice, Macaroons and Chocolate BonBon and Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

Have you gone to Kahv√© Road, the new retro chic eatery in Cavendish Square? if you haven’t, I recommend you give Kahv√© Road a try.¬† My recommendation is based on the atmosphere, the journey to the elegant classy decor, the premium coffees, patisseries and gourmet cuisines, the attentive service and the halaal certification! All in one, don’t you think? Continue reading Kahv√© Road