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Indonesian Chicken Noodle Soup (Soto Ayam)

Soto Ayam with fried vermicelli and fried potato and green sambal version.

Wanna know what’s my family most favorite dish that I make almost in a weekly basis? It’s Soto Ayam! Soto (Indonesian soup) Ayam (chicken) consists of chicken broth seasoned with some spices including turmeric, served with shredded chicken, veggie, boiled egg and noodle. Eaten with steamed rice, sambal and krupuk plus potato frikkadel or any other condiments… yummm Continue reading Indonesian Chicken Noodle Soup (Soto Ayam)

Serabi Kinca (Indonesian pancake with coconut palm sugar sauce)

Serabi or surabi is Indonesian pancake, traditionally fried in a special round clay pan on traditional charcoal clay stove. I still remember vividly how I used to make this serabi in traditional way when I was around 6, first dessert I have ever made! So I guess my passion of cooking and baking started from making serabi 🙂 Continue reading Serabi Kinca (Indonesian pancake with coconut palm sugar sauce)

Private Authentic Asian Cooking Class

Ketoprak/Tofu with peanut sauce salad – Capcay/chicken vegetable stir fry – Chow mein -Serabi/Indonesian Pancake

Hi and salaams all,

I am resuming the one on one cooking class for this year with some reduced rates and exciting options 🙂

The new rate:

  • one on one 2 hr cooking class for ladies: R450;
  • 2 hr for two ladies cooking class: R780 (R390 p/p);
  • 4 weeks of 2 hr cooking classes: R1500 (R375 per sessions). The four sessions will be done once  a week, alternatively, once in two weeks. The payment could be settled in two installments.

Testimonial from one of the attendee:

Shukran Echi, for offering the cooking courses. You opened doors to your family dishes that I always wanted to attempt. The tips you gave on where to shop and what to lookout for will save me so much shopping time Algamdu Lillah. May your new venture grow from strength to strength Insha Allah (F A Kapley)

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Snoekies Hout Bay

I assume that many Capetonians have been to Snoekies either to the first Snoekies store in Hout Bay (since 1951) or to one of the many branches. We haven’t been to the Hout Bay branch for quite a long time. As there is a branch closer to us.  However I was surprised to find the new kiddies play and dine in area upstairs. Continue reading Snoekies Hout Bay

Noodle Chicken Soup/Mie Ayam

Mie Ayam or loosely translated as noodle chicken soup is a common popular dish can be found in Indonesia and any other South East Asian country, eg. Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia. The Dish itself can be traced from Chinese cuisine.   Each regions have their own twist to it.  For Muslim, the recipe has been adapted using only halaal ingredients.

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One on One Asian Cooking Class Experience



Assalamualaikum and hi all,

If you are:

  • longing for authentic Asian cuisines just like the dish you’ve tried on your holiday in  the east; or
  • you are just an adventurous eater… or
  • your hubby wanna try new exciting dish to be incorporated in your weekly family meal?

Come and join me in my kitchen for one on one Asian cooking lesson. The class duration will be around 1 1/2 hr – 2 hour. You will take home what you cook. I will give some tips and also where to buy ingredients. This class will be available throughout the seasons. Weekday, at 10 am. Please email me info@halaalife.com to arrange the date and booking. Continue reading One on One Asian Cooking Class Experience