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Lemongrass Asian Cooking Class Teens and Adults Classes

The first teen cooking class was so much fun! I hope they learned a lot and love the dish! We made Roasted Chili & Cashew Nut Noodle.
They dished the noodle themselves in a noodle box to take home and a kit to practice at home consisting of the sauces and dried noodle. Some couldn’t resist to eat the noodle straight away… haha.. so if parents would like to taste it, they must make it tonight😊
I taught them how to use chopsticks too😊

They had some krupuk and noodle on krupuk for snack and homemade iced tea and water.

The looks at their faces showed it all!
Cooking should be fun, educational and exploring new tastebuds!
We had couple of fussy eaters at the class today, proud moment was when they said “hhmmmm this is nice!” When they tried the Roasted Chili & Cashew Nut Noodle in the class. I can’t help but beaming 😊
They learn to work in a team as well personal responsibility.
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Nasi Padang Class and Pics from Last Class

Hi and assalamualaikum all,

As requested, the Nasi Padang class with chicken Rendang will be on Sat, 3 March at 2pm in Newlands. Everyone welcome, new attendees welcome to halaalife Asian cooking class family 🙂 See poster for details of the menu 🙂 Book/inquiry: info@halaalife.com
Your payment secure the booking. Limited spots, booking is opened now.

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Making Memories in Asian Cooking Classes

So, this is one of the things that have keeping me busy and off blogging for a while 🙂 in a good way… Alhamdulillah the cooking classes has been taking so well. The cooking classes attendees and I had so much fun. So much pleasure walking the Asian culture that I have grown up with. Continue reading Making Memories in Asian Cooking Classes

Outspan Seafood Restaurant, Kalk Bay

Latest Update: their kitchen is remained halaal. They don’t sell alcohol. However guests are welcomed to bring their alcohol. Meaning they are not strictly halaal any longer.

Slms and hi all,

So a good some times ago, my friend and I went for a drive to Kalk Bay.  At the spur of the moment I thought great, then we can try out Outspan Restaurant that recently converted into fully halaal eatery.  It’s a great choice for that side of the world as halaal eateries with no alcohol in the premises are scarce in that area. We have passed Outspan in one or two weekends but it looked so full all the time  so glad that I could try it out for early lunch midweek. Continue reading Outspan Seafood Restaurant, Kalk Bay