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Indonesian Chicken Noodle Soup (Soto Ayam)

Soto Ayam with fried vermicelli and fried potato and green sambal version.

Wanna know what’s my family most favorite dish that I make almost in a weekly basis? It’s Soto Ayam! Soto (Indonesian soup) Ayam (chicken) consists of chicken broth seasoned with some spices including turmeric, served with shredded chicken, veggie, boiled egg and noodle. Eaten with steamed rice, sambal and krupuk plus potato frikkadel or any other condiments… yummm Continue reading Indonesian Chicken Noodle Soup (Soto Ayam)

Martabak Manis Teflon (Indonesian Pancake)


So, couple weeks ago, I interviewed Nick Molodysky from Masak Masak Dengan Nick on the blog’s Voice of the Cape radio show. Nick is an Australian that speaks Indonesian fluently and cooks Indonesian well.  In the interview, he shared with us his martabak manis teflon recipe. After watching his youtube channel I tried his recipe in my kitchen. wow… it’s perfect! Continue reading Martabak Manis Teflon (Indonesian Pancake)

Bihun Goreng (Fried Rice Vermicelli)


Bihun Goreng is Indonesian version of fried rice vermicelli. Rice vermicelli is originally from China. Rice Vermicelli can be an alternative to Egg Noodle as it is gluten free. Popular in South East Asian countries, in Indonesia Rice Vermicelli can be added in other dishes such as soto (soup based dishes) or as filling in savories. Continue reading Bihun Goreng (Fried Rice Vermicelli)