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Ocean View Penthouse, Strand

The sunken lounge – sunset view

Nestled in the prime Beach Rd, Strand (Western Cape), Ocean View Penthouse is a touch of luxury, comfy and style.  The amazing (almost) 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains, ie. Table Mountain and Gordon’s Bay mountains and the view of the beach are first class. No matter what time of the day and night, the view is just breathtaking!

The balcony offering a stunning view of the oceans and mountains – sunrise view

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Tips on Minimal Halaal Cooking on a Holiday House

Easy breakfast: poached eggs with coarse salt and black pepper, salad with a dash of lemon, avo slices, toasts and butter.

Summer is fast approaching and renting a self catering holiday house is on the plan, maybe? For the Muslims, we tend to choose a self catering rental as most of holiday places don’t cater for halaal or maybe very limited choice of halaal eateries, right?

If you rent a holiday house within relatively short driving distance, then you could just easily bring some food stocks from home. But if your holiday requirea airplane or long distance drive, these tips may help you. Continue reading Tips on Minimal Halaal Cooking on a Holiday House

Mosques in Western Cape Holiday Spots


Planning for a road trip in greater Western Cape this upcoming holiday? Here’s the list of masajid around Western Cape for your ease of reference. Please note Cape Town masajid are not included in this list. Kindly drop me a note in the comment if you have additional info regarding masajid in the list or if you know any more masajid around Western Cape, In sha Allah. Continue reading Mosques in Western Cape Holiday Spots

South Africa, Fourth on Global Muslim Travel 2015


South Africa has been ranked fourth on Global Muslim Travel non-OIC (non Organization of Islamic Cooperation) category by Master Card-Crescent Rating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) 2015. While Indonesia has been ranked sixth among OIC destinations category. Crescent Rating is the world’s leading halal authority based in Singapore. Continue reading South Africa, Fourth on Global Muslim Travel 2015

Tips on Long Haul Flights With Young Children


If you’d read my post on Staycation at Luxurious Apartment in Cape Town, you would probably recall that my family and I visit our Indonesian family annually [lets hope it will stay annually.. pls hubby..?  😉

Years ago, the flight duration used to be shorter  as we used to fly SQ and MAS. Roughly it took around 11-13 hrs from CT to Sing  or KL, then 1-2 hrs from Sing/KL to Jakarta.  Sadly, MAS has stopped  its CT route and SQ’s ticket is ridiculously expensive in the holiday seasons.  So we switched to more affordable Qatar Airways or Emirates Airlines. That means longer route. Roughly around 9 hours CT- Doha/Dubai and another 9 hour to Jakarta. Plus transit times and checking times etc, approximately takes about 30 hrs from our  CT’s bed to Jakarta’s bed. Continue reading Tips on Long Haul Flights With Young Children